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a day ago

📷 @bskphoto | "L.A. is a creative city. You see art on every corner — that's why I love it." - @sabrinawoop 🎨 What's your fave mural or work of art in L.A.? Tell us your story in the comments and hashtag your photos #discoverLA for a chance to be featured.

an hour ago

👇Comment "I will succeed" and keep this promise

22 minutes ago

Anyone can become rich but only few become wealthy🤔 👇🏻tag a friend or follow me @entrepreneur.logic 👍🏻

2 hours ago

(Pic from @papelaria.concurseiros) Hey guys, sorry for being very inactive lately but I have been really busy at school. I hope you have a good wednesday😊

2 hours ago

Book news very very soon! Can't wait to share what is happening with all of you!. --- My book is coming very soon. Stay tuned for updates! --- #garethegan #poet #prose #wordporn

an hour ago

Stand for something. Make your life mean something. Start where you are with what you have. You are enough. ❤️ / #AashnaMalani @AMfeatures