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5 hours ago

Omg same Movie: holiday joy

5 hours ago

Just wanted to say thank you to you all for showing so much interest in my work over this last 3 years here on instagram. I reached 100 thousand followers here today on my Instagram profile, I really appreciate this from everyone of you. To mark this occasion my daughter Lauren and I decided to try and celebrate this by making a Ghost mirror to say thank you. In the early 1900’s Victorians used pocket mirrors which were clear and smooth but usually showed a figure or a word, or both, when the surface was breathed on the invisible image appears through the condensed breath on the surface of the glass, these mirrors were known as Mist Mirrors. The mirror in this film was made using the steam from a kettle. Sorry the film is a little shaky mainly due to trying to get the best angles for the camera to show up the typography. Anyway hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again and big thanks to everyone that shared my work out here on this very cool social media site. It’s been Great fun!

3 hours ago

Whirlwind of a morning but I'm beyond grateful !! About to take off to LA where ill have an amazing couple of days ❤️ ✨ and then I'm driving up to Livingston Montana to work my butt off in the winter wonderland with an amazing cast and crew on a feature film . Beyond grateful . @happydirector See you soon brother . To my friends and family at home I love you all so much !! Everyone has been so amazing . #grateful #imready