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HOME🛫 Good to be back in The Netherlands🙌 Had a lovely time abroad but now it's time to get some work done again. Still trying to gain muscle so next up is grocery shopping & gym time. My two favorites beside actually eating my groceries hehe 👀🐹 My workout of today will be a full body session to get back into my regular routine here back home. What is your workout today? #TeamNochtli _______________________________ #ootd Selene kit by engineered-life.com. (sale is still on so my code doesn't work!)

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The 7 Steps to Transformation: 1. Dream it. 2. Envision it. 3. Think it. 4. Grow it. 5. Become it. 6. Live it. 7. OWN it. Photo by @tibonorman

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. . . . For anyone who has hit a plateau in regards to muscle development, I tell you this: YOU do not always have to lift heavier to get bigger. ------------------------------------------ Yes, progressive overload (P.O) is key to continues growth but it doesn't have to strictly be an increase of weight. ---------------------------------------------------- As a matter of fact, all of these fall under the category of progressive overload: 1. More weights ( which is what a lot think is what progressive overload stands for) 2. More reps 3. Less rest intervals in between sets and exercises 4. Tempo alternation ( eccentric, concentric and isometric. I'll discuss that in another post) 5. Drop sets as well as supersets 6. Increasing resistance by using resistance bands. ------------------------------------------ If you add any of these to your workouts and progress through it, you are implementing progressive overload. ------------------------------------------ This video is a good example of P.O done through method number 6. ------------------------------------------ Try it and tell me what you think. . Leave questions in the comment section if you have any :) . Song: on my way- tiesto

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No more weak shit. Boss up little bitch. ✖️

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I believe we have the power to choose everything in our lives. Meaning who & what we want to be or become is based on the daily choices me make. -–----------------------------------- "Life doesn't happen to us it happens for us." We can choose to live in our hurt or stand in our power & be extraordinary. We can either be prisoners to our past or we can choose to heal, let go, forgive & build a better tomorrow. I am a woman of my word. Integrity is the foundation in which I build my relationships & my life. Without it everything around me crumbles. I understand that surrounding myself with individuals who hold me accountable is important for living the BIG life I aspire to live. I am committed to growing. Giving back & sharing my journey, while helping people change the narrative of their life so they can show up authentically & powerfully. #nothingisordinary #grateful #honorthestruggle #mindfulness #learning #understanding #empathy #nojudgment #authentic

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Как жалко людей, выживающих в мирное время, Ненужных стране и друг другу в извечной борьбе… Спешащих куда-то в толпе и шагая со всеми, Но если задуматься, каждый ведь сам по себе… Как жалко людей, что себя потеряли в заботах, В стремлении к счастью, которое ищут в деньгах… И в буднях с восьми до пяти… и с мечтой о субботах… Но и в выходные, погрязших в домашних делах… Как жалко людей, что о детстве давно позабыли, Как верили в чудо, с улыбкой смотрели на мир… Как верно дружили и искренне сердцем любили, Но пленными стали своих же красивых квартир… Как жалко людей, что добились по жизни немало, Построили дачи, семью, а в душе пустота… Ведь нет той любви, что была очевидной сначала… Красивая жизнь и доверие лихо смела… Как жалко людей, но ведь можно исправить стараться… И остановиться, чтоб ветер поспешности стих… Ведь то, что сейчас – это жизнь, просто нужно признаться В ошибках, а после простить и себя, и других.. ✊ А я люблю жить не так как все.. и часто за красивой картинкой, скрываются много ошибок, потерь, неудач.. живите в своё удовольствие, как хочет ваше сердце! Это самое главное!!!! ❤️ в этот раз, ничего серьёзно не случилось. Смотреть до конца❗️❗️❗️😅 #гимнастика #акробатика #трюки #метро #москва #сергейбойцов #сальто #поезд #метрополис #кино #fitnessmodel #fitness #mensphysique #бокс #фитнес

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Here is a 7 year difference with my dad and I. I'm 160 pounds on the left and 170 pounds on the right at about the same body fat percentage. 10 pounds in 7 years? Am I natty? 😱Most of the weight went to my back and legs which obviously isn't visible here. My dad looks about the same which I think he is pretty satisfied with (especially the full head of hair in his 50's😁). - Confused about how to set up your diet and routine for your goals? Check out my Ebook by clicking the link in my bio 💪🏼

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Transformation Tuesday 🙌🙌🙌 @apfau 's Brother & Sister update/Family Goals _ Tag Someone (A sibling or someone you'd like to get fit with) _ Throw up those transformations and HASHTAG ejmwellness for a possible story shoutout or profile feature. Let's gooooo & LET'S GET LIFTED! _ #ejmwellness #gains #core #workoutinspiration #abcheck #aesthetics #fitfam #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #fitnessmodel #bodybuilding #dedication #fitness #physique #gym #gymlife #fit #muscle #abs #train #fitnessmodel #fitnesstransformation #gymrat #lifestyle #workout #ripped #fitspo #beastmode #transformationtuesday