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I remember a number of years ago after I did a fitness show, I was struggling mentally with gaining weight back. I used to go to the gym really early in the morning before work so I'd shower there and get ready. I distinctly remember weighing myself every time and thinking if I couldn't feel my obliques sticking out when I was soaping myself, I wasn't lean enough. - There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, especially if you're trying to take better care of yourself. Heck, I think it's fine if you just want a challenge and to slay at an event #doyouboo. It only becomes an issue when your motivations are based in fear and feelings of unworthiness. What you're doing should be serving you and have a positive effect on your life, not be a detriment. - We put SO much pressure on ourselves to look and be a certain way, even if it really isn't serving us. I've been less lean and more lean than this and honestly, I'm happiest when I'm fuelling myself, making progress, and living life; not because my obliques happen to jut out slightly more. Training because it feels awesome to challenge myself and achieve goals is so much more rewarding than doing it because I feel guilty or fear gaining weight. - Ouff another novel 🙈. Didya make it?! GOLD STAR ⭐️🤗! Coles notes: you and yo face are awesome, eat and train to feel healthier and more better-er, have goals and work hard but not at the expense of your life and happiness #andihavenomorebeachpics #thanksgosh #sorryforthespam #okbyeee 💕

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To get over the past, you first have to accept that the past is over. No matter how many times you revisit it, analyze it, regret it, or sweat it, its over. It can't hurt you anymore. 🌅🌻🦋🐥🦄🦁🥒🌶💓✨ ✨ Words by Mandy Hale. Praying for our world to heal and move forward right now.

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Had an awesome morning talking all things business with Daniel, owner of @argoespresso. Im super excited to announce we will be joining forces to bring some new and exciting items to the Argo Menu. I won't give too much away regarding the first item but anyone that knows me will know I love my Argo Smoothie Bowls and love my Nutella 😉 #nevemovementnutellabowl #argoespresso #argo

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Very raw video and raw thoughts inspired by a conversation I had in the sauna before leaving the gym. Just a few words about nutrition because as cliché as it sounds ... "abs are made in the kitchen." This is what we always hear and believe it or not, there is method to the madness with regards to this statement. For most people, it is a very tough and unnatural thing for your body to fulfill when an individual wants to get "6-pack lean". When a coach tells you to "eat well", one cannot simply assume that the consumption of "good foods" = a shredded 6-pack. Time and time again, I run into people who really believe that's all there is to it. This is actually a multi-faceted concept that, depending on the individual, can take many rounds of trial and error and for some may come very easily. A good coach should know (based on a set of factors) how to create an enabling plan revolving around life (understanding that sacrifices should be made for your goals) and built for the success of the client. It should not be a restricting plan that is a sure formula for failure. That said, both the coach and the client should be on the same page. We must all be aware of many factors that go into the process of creating a plan from the coach's side. 1) Client's BMR 2) Client's hormonal profile 3) Client's restrictions (lifestyle and dietary) 4) Calories IN vs. Calories OUT 5) Macronutrient ratios dependent on many factors (lower carb for carb-sensitive individuals, for example). The list can go on, but for most cases it is MUCH simpler: Be WILLING to learn about eating and adapt to a new eating structure for the sake of your own health if not simply for aesthetics. Create the desire to learn and understand your body on all levels. Do not expect magic when it comes to your goals. Work hard on EVERY level. Peace✌ #Brodybuilding #planforsuccess #motivationmonday

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#Repost @infia_health . . . 1. Menggunakan produk berbahan aktif secara berlebihan Sebagian besar jenis kulit orang Indonesia, terutama wanita, cenderung rentan mengalami hiperpigmentasi. Kondisi ini akan semakin rentan terjadi jika kamu menggunakan obat jerawat berbahan aktif. . Coba seimbangkan penggunaan obat jerawat produk jerawat berbahan aktif dengan takaran secukupnya saja untuk mencegah kulit dari dehidrasi yang malah dapat memicu timbulnya jerawat baru. . 2. Selalu Menyentuh Jerawat Kebiasaan menyentuh jerawat malah bisa membuat bakteri yang ada di tangan berpindah ke kulit wajah, coba hindari kebiasaan ini. Selain itu, saat jerawat sudah terlihat matang, jangan tergoda untuk memencetnya. . Karena jika tidak dilakukan dengan benar dan higienis, kamu malah memicu timbulnya jerawat baru, bahkan meninggalkan bekas jerawat yang akan sangat sulit dihilangkan. . 3. Kurang Konsisten Menangani Jerawat Berdasarkan sebuah studi di University of Colorado Hospital, Amerika Serikat, proses perawatan jerawat membutuhkan waktu sekitar 6 minggu untuk melihat hasil dari perawatan jerawat yang kamu lakukan. . Sayangnya kebanyakan orang tidak terlalu konsisten dan cenderung berpindah menggunakan obat baru atau perawatan lain sebelum 6 minggu. Padahal untuk mengobati jerawat dibutuhkan konsistensi terutama dalam melakukan perawatan wajah. . #infia #infiafact #health #healthy #kesehatan #jerawat