• hloya_silver 12-Sep-2017 09:03:28 AM

    Вообще не чувствую их)) будто свои и всегда такие были) Алла-ты волшебница))🤗 спасибо))

  • serhio_klesyua_hairartist 19-Sep-2017 12:31:56 PM


a few seconds ago

AYOOO I finally got around to posting the ref sheet I made of this OC. I've literally have had it done for like over a month or so now I don't know why I don't post stuff I finish. I still can't think of a solid name for her yet though, like I want something that I'm really gonna like because well I really like her! I actually colored the majority of her on my surface! It's so nice for digital art yall like I'm in love and I actually got the pressure sensitivity to work on SAI! Anyways enough rambling but Imma for sure try to post more like I legit have so much art done I just forget to post lmaooo . . . . . . #art #instart #digitalart #oc #originalcharacter #artist #illustration #artistsoninstagram