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Turn volume up..!!🔊 and feel 😊 . . . To get a clarity about yourself isn't the easiest task.To ask others to understand us would need a different level of effort. But as soon as you learn and get to know about yourself more & better, you will see that what others says about you will b meaningless. Cause you know, why you do what you did. And you don't need to explain all to them.Cause your stories won't b theirs & their stories won't be yours. So, you just need to live yours to the max. Enjoy every chapter of it.. #wind #windblown #windblowing #instavideo #insta #feel #nature #song #find_beauty_in_the_little_things #love #happiness #freedom #travel #travdiaries #videography #mobilography

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I can’t explain why I took this picture, but as I walking past something in the light made it really beautiful to me at that second that I had to stop & take it. I still love it now! I love those moments when you catch the beauty in the little things.

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Though reality sometimes may seem imagindary, happiness is here within my reach 🌅

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Happy birthday to this beautiful girl ♥️✨

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I love the damn feeling of being on the beach, feel the waves the sand as the sun shows the sunset I love it ✨

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'Gitmek' sadece bir eylemdir. 'Unutmak' ise kocaman bir devrim." Şuan Devrimlerin en büyüğünü yaşıyorum...