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BICEP CURL VARIATION🔥 Final exercise 4 sets x 15 reps While holding one arm up on a 90 degree angle, perform 5 reps, then switch. Repeat this, and then perform 5 reps or till failure together. TAG A WORKOUT BUDDY💪🏼 #RgArmy #BiggerByTheRep #OFFseason @psychofitness21

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Did a little flexing on the snap today so might as well do it here too for that Monday motivation. - Also I wanted to write a little bit about a post I saw a few days ago, the post caption was "What's the best diet for fat loss?" (I'll tag the source at the end of this caption).. I feel like people get so confused when it comes to this, most people believe they NEED to get on a low carb diet to lose fat, some think they need to go plant based, some do fasting, juicing, keto.. so many different ways to approach your nutrition. - But here's the thing, it DOESN'T MATTER which way you approach it, if you're not on a calorie deficit you'll not lose fat. You NEED to be on a calorie deficit. You could eat whichever way you find best for you, they all work, as long as you're eating less calories than what you are burning. Simple as that. - If you're someone who is eating just whatever you please, without doing any activities, and one day you get movitated to eat more balanced meals, and spend 30-45 mins doing any type of activity, of course you'll start losing fat, you're most likely eating a lot less calories than you were before and burning some extra calories. Doesn't matter which method you used, if low carb diet, plant based, fasting, keto, juicing.. as long as you're eating less, and burning more you'll get results. It's a matter of calories IN and calories OUT. - Me personally, I have probably tried all of the above lol, and I must say the tracking macros got me in the best balance, (which is why I always recommend to try tracking). I eat carbs, I eat fats, I also eat at whatever time I feel hungry (not saying this is what you need to do, but it's what works for me), what I'm trying to say is, find what works for YOU, but to lose fat you need to be on a calorie deficit, simple as that. Original post came from: @jmaxfitness #girlswholift #legday #gains #gainseason #fitness #bodybuilding #health #mondaymotivation

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Killer super sets done in tonight's Glute & Hamstring session. 🔥🙌🏼 - - Method 1️⃣straight leg deadlift 4x12 ss front food elevated split squats 4x12 each leg 2️⃣dumbbell hamstring curl 4x12 ss weighted jump squats 4x15 - - Tag a friend for your next leg day! 😍 - - 20 minutes left to purchase two @1upnutrition items for 40% off using code: NICHOLE20!!! 😳 don't miss it! #1upnutrition 🌟

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Power women (and men 😉)need some @Powerupsnacks, right?! Everyone, who's been asking about some healthy alternatives to snacks, we've heard you! We are loving these snacks and today are teaming up with the brand for a giveaway! One lucky winner will receive 2 bags of each PowerUp trail mix, 16 packs total Instructions are simple: 💞follow @powerupsnacks 💞️ tag two friends in comments 💞the link is in profile for official rules! Good luck everyone! #powerupsnacks #sweepstakes #sponsored #health #snacks ~~~~~~~~~ Я - спать, пока Елисенок спит ( что-то я себя не важно чувствую... у кого-нибудь были обострения связанные с жёлчным пузырем после родов? Наш врач говорит это типично. У меня первый раз... как спасались?) Но! Закончу понедельник на хорошей ноте: розыгрышем! Всем мамам (и папам) для поднятия сил немного из вкусного и здорового😉 Я работаю с @powerupsnacks довольно давно, и в этот раз кому-то достанется 16 упаковок ( по 2 каждого вида) разных смесей для перекусов. Моя любимая - с ягодами годжи. У детей - с омега-шоколадом 😄🤗 Условия просты: 💞подписаться на @powerupsnacks 💞отметьте 2х друзей в комментариях 💞сноска в профиле для дополнительных условий! Всем-всем удачи! #пп #здоровье #здоровоепитание #перекус #розыгрыш