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I never told @theroc96 this but the only posters i ever had on my wall were Roc-A-Fella posters. The only people i ever wanted to emulate were them 3 & Pharrell. Only god would’ve known that i would end up working under @vegas_jones at one point in my career . So when @theroc96 told me he had a gift for me i know he wasn’t aware of how special it would be to receive this box. Then he goes a step further and tell me he wants me to be a part of the day they release. Mind blown πŸ™πŸ½ i said all that to say this, there’s no dream unreachable if you put the work in and be a man of your word. Thanks for the honor Biggs ! #Roc4Life πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

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In our new interview, Don Henley discusses the Eagles' 'Hotel California' reissue, his country roots, moving on after Glenn Frey's death and how the band's songs take on new meaning in the age of Trump. "We let the music do the talking," he tells us. "People have their own interpretations of these songs." Head to RollingStone.com for the full interview. Photograph by Norman Seef

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So cute edit!!😍β™₯