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My top tip to reduce the risk of rebounding post comp, specially if you’ve had a binge eating tendency in the past is to NOT hoard post comp treats (like I have done every single past show to date) . While I’m prepping I find it fun to buy things I’m craving or looks yummy and say it’s a post show treat. It’s almost like an obsession buying stuff I can’t have, which isn’t a healthy behaviour at all, I know. It always tends to get a little excessive - as you can see by the photo 🤦🏼‍♀️🍫🎂 . For my next show I’ll buy one treat for my post show and I’ll buy it the week leading into it so I’m not tempted to change my mind and justify buying more treats. This will completely take away any ease of ‘pigging out’ for days to come after my show because I would have to make an active effort to go and buy more treats if I want them and I’ll be able to talk some sense into my body and cravings or make healthier choices to refeed my body. Last show I even got to a point where I would justify the eating of the treats I had accumulated because ‘they needed to be eaten so they were gone’ . Obviously the frame of mind you are in leading up to a show and post show can have a huge impact on this as well, but for me I’m no longer going to put that temptation in the way. All I am doing is damaging my body time and time again. A sweet treat every now and then is fine, don’t get me wrong (80/20 rule) but devouring tens of thousands of processed and sugary calories after spending months looking after your body, eating clean, exercising and valuing yourself is never a good idea . Time and time again I have said I will control what I eat and go start back into reverse diet - but I never fully have. So next comp it’s a new approach and a proper focus on continuous health and nourishment for my body and not going over board with what I used to see as ideal sweet snacks to reward myself with. Remember - that chocolate bar or pack of biscuits will still be at the supermarket in a few months time, trust me . Has anyone else struggled with this? And do you have any other handy tips on sticking to the reverse side of diet once the glitz and glam of the show is over? . ———————————————————————— .

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🔹Remember that things out of your comfort zone can be pleasant and fulfilling! Fitness can teach one this and so apply it. 🔸Buenas tardes y feliz sábado - 🔹Fulfilling my new year’s resolution to eat/try more vegetarian food. - The rant: 🔹At the end of summer I was inspired by a friend to go out of comfort and try vegetarian food. I really only ate meat before - red meat (in terms of portion size:ratio). I’m not saying you have to go vegetarian right away but I encourage you guys to go out and try vegetarian food. You may come to enjoy it and find your happy medium. 🔸A step at a time, growing each day? Maybe some wisdom for my exclusive-meat eaters. Challenge yourself to be open-minded or at least experimental and curious. . . . . . 🔹I’m willing to bet my friend is misinterpreting my intentions due to doubts. 🔸Not sure who’s fault is that really haha. Only solution is real communication - text can be construed incorrectly without tone of voice and laying out objectives to see true-intentions. 🤷🏻‍♂️ - 🔹I do/did it because I care. #compassion #love - #fitness #fit #gymrat #fitfam #health #healthy #eat #meal #food #diet #openmind #challenge #meat #vegan #vegetarian #organic #burgers #chloe #shredded #clean not #clen haha- jaja #lifestyle

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Today's brekkie, glutinous rice, anchovies & peanuts. On assignment for @flightcentrenz and @fwtmagazine checking out the art deco precinct and heritage housing district of Tiong Bahru. It’s here you’ll get great coffee, craft beer and one of this country’s best hawker markets. Singapore 🇸🇬 is the ultimate foodie destination and Tiong Bahru a must-do stop off of any stay. . . #singapore #visitsingapore #food #foodtravel #foodblogger #singapura #travel #travelwriter #tiongbahru #besthawkercentre #hawkercentre #artdeco #foodheritage #fooddestination #onassignment