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I will continue to push forward! I work hard for everything I have. I work hard at being a great mom, work hard at my career, and working hard at soon to be Dr.Glenn❤️ I love my life I have built for myself and can't wait for the next chapter #bikini #bikinibody #bikiniprep #bikinicompetitor #npc #npcbikini #fitmom #fitbody #fitness #fitnessmodel #gymshark #fitnessjourney #gymshark #gymratforlife #weights #workouthard #wonderwoman #weightlossjourney #workoutmotivation @fitness_hotties_and_babes @ig_fit_athletes @fitnessrxwomen @igfitbods @underrated_muscle @connerbilt


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Why is this robot more talented than me? 😳😅😂

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Do more! Follow me👉🏻( @the_millionaire_drive )👈🏻 Follow me👉🏻( @the_millionaire_drive )👈🏻 🔥🔥 --- 💥Double tap and tag someone if you agree with this :) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 💡 Turn On Post Notifications To See New Posts 💡 Share With Friends & Family . . . . . . #toptags #entrepreneurship #grind #hustle #learn #education #startup #success #successquotes #build #startuplife #businessowners #ambition #dream #goals #lifegoals #goforit #nevergiveup #successmindset #businessman #businesswoman #businesslife #entrepreneurlifestyle #goodlife #motivated #entrepreneurmindset #millionairemindset #thinkbigger #dreambigger #themillionairedrive

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About last night! All i can say that between watching my boy @wakaflocka perform and him agreeing to be in the film to speaking on an amazing panel of amazing people at @circlevfest to walking with my boy @moby To three places to finally find a cup of coffee to meeting @reggiewatts to meeting and bonding with so many amazing souls to missing @myaplanet9 even though we most likely were standing 1 foot away from each other lol🤣... there was so much but don’t worry i will post way More about the event! Thank you @chefitophoto for this amazing photo

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5 universities in the USA where you can get full financial aid 🇺🇸💰 Yes, it might sound unbelievable, but you can study in the USA for free even if you are an international student (📗but you have to be a strong student): 1. University of Florida is good for financing both bachelors and masters, including MBA (38% acceptance rate). 2. Duke University (9% acceptance rate). 3. Ohio University can finance your bachelors, they cover both tuition and living costs for selected students (74% acceptance rate). 4. Berea College provides financial aid to all students who got accepted for their first year, BUT this aid doesn’t cover living costs, just tuition fees. Acceptance rate is a little less than 34%. 5. Delta State University covers 100% of tuition fees for bachelors. IMPORTANT📝: only top students among those admitted get financial assistance. You should always compare your profile to that of admitted students and decide yourself whether you have chances of getting the aid 💸 Which program are you interested in? I will calculate the amount of comments and will make a list for the most popular program! ☀️ Начнем понедельник с 5 университетов в США, где можно учиться бесплатно 🇺🇸💰 Да-да, можно учиться в Штатах беслатно, если ты иностранный студент (только нужно выделяться успеваемостью из всей массы поступающих): 1. University of Florida финансирует и бакалавриат, и магистратуру. Мне они дали полное финансирование на MBA. 2. Duke University отличается высокой конкуренцией, поступают туда 9% абитуриентов. Зато талантливым студентам финансируют и бакалавриат, и магистратуру 3. Ohio University также финансируют бакалавриат. Поступить туда можно с вероятностью 74%. 4. Berea College один из немногих университетов, который покрывает затраты на обучение абсолютно всех, кто поступил, но только первый год. 5. Delta State University покрывают 100% стоимости обучения бакалаврам. ✨ По какой программе сделать подборку универов?📗 (Каких комментов будет больше, про те и сделаю на этой неделе)

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Imagine a nation that has the ability to water the minds of the future and yet takes it lightly. Sometimes I get tempted to start a private school to show the types of leaders we would produce after only 20 to 40 years. You would see a group of leaders being developed who would not only POSITIVELY impact the world economy yet have a massive impact on social issues taking place around the world. #temptation

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Ini adalah Epicrates Cenchria, juga dikenali sebagai Ular Boa Pelangi🐍. Spesies ini boleh ditemui di Amerika Tengah dan Selatan, dimana warnanya menjadikan mereka haiwan kesayangan yang popular di seluruh dunia. . Ular ini terkenal dengan warna kilauan yang mempersonakan yang ditunjukkan pada struktur warna di badan mereka. Saintis Stéphanie Doucet dan Melissa Meadows menulis secara terperinci dalam laporan mereka mengenai topik ini. Iridescence dihasilkan oleh struktur yang disebut "iridophores", sel seperti kristal kecil yang mempengaruhi cahaya. . Iridophores ini meresap cahaya, kemudian menghasilkan warna "pelangi", kesan yang kita lihat pada makhluk yang indah ini. #atokdean #matiitubenar #greenscience #science #nature #biology #physics #light #earth #education #animal #wildlife #naturephotography #color #iridescence #snake #boa #rainbowboa