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Fall outfit for #cyOOTDS from my time in NYC about a week ago haha. Sorry for the lack of drawings and posts! I was so busy with traveling and conventions and stuff I was a little overwhelmed. I'm flying to the UK tonight to see friends but I wanted to squeeze in some art because I'm so rustyyyy. I got a bunch of new stuff for my fall and winter wardrobe and I got my hair cut recently as seen on @shortandnotginger hahaa. It's nice, a bit shorter, more bangs and a middle part! I really like it a lot ;o; I don't have this scarf anymore though cause @_picolo took it with him cause he was freezing hahaha :'D I'm excited to attend more conventions and meet more of you all in the future! 💕

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REPORTS OF A RARE RHINO SIGHTING! 🦏😱😂 Remain calm! ✋🏼 There is only ONE loose even though he does have a tendency to run WILD! 😈🦏😂 Ryan-O ➡️ Ry-No ➡️ RHINO! Make sense? 😜😂 When I was in 3rd grade, I played baseball ⚾️ (we ended up winning the championship 🏆🙌🏼) and it was during the season where I gained this nickname. I was literally the shortest player 😂🙄 but I had WHEELS and so do RHINOS! 😎😜 Any nicknames you remember as kids? Good thing I am a very happy and thankful 🦏 23.9 hours of the day! 😂😂😜 With Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to dedicate a post to my Ryanators and the platform that I have where I get to create and share what I am doing with you! 👏🏼 My bros @robertochoa125 & @rickochoa21 went ALL OUT on this 🔥🔥 pic for me so I am going ALL OUT with the caption! 😂😝 I was hoping 2017 was gonna be a big one and I am so so thankful it was! 🎉💯 From the movies and shows I filmed (coming out next year), becoming a movie producer, really kick-starting my filmmaking career, dropping 2 new @OchoaBoyz music vids that got great feedback, 🔥 new music (you have heard some sneak peeks) from the new album coming, my gym snaps getting crazier 😂, and especially my social media being our platform for love and positivity daily! 💯 You all know how to make me smile and I love posting cause of that. Reading your comments is like drinking a vanilla shake..... Every comment (sip) gets better! 😝😂😂😂 Thank you for growing with me......... and dealing with this "RHINO" with long hair! 🦏😜😂😂 #RhinosLoveShakes #RhinosAreLactoseIntolerant 😂😜 #GetYourselfARhino 😂💯😎🦏

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Эй, хип-хоп эстет ✌🏻 Какой стиль тебе нравится? 🤔 В моем профиле фото выполнены в разных стилях и обработках. И мне всегда хотелось знать статистику одобрения именно конкретного стиля. И вот сейчас я это, вместе с вами, и узнаю 🙂 Просто опиши внизу, что тебе больше всего нравится, своими словами, хоть ассоциациями, как угодно, не усложняй, главное 👇🏻 . Например, что нравится мне: Выделять светом скулы, неон и отражающие поверхности (очки, жетоны и т.д.) Только не надо миллиардный раз про самовлюблённость писать. Скулы мне нравятся, потому что это красивая геометрия (а не самолюбование), некий треугольник на лице, ведущий вниз. Или даже ветки гиперболы, если кто поймёт меня. Как косые мышцы пресса, только они наоборот выпирают :) #данястетика кароч