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HEYYY WHASSUP IT’S ALMOST THANKSGIVING!!!!🤗 Super excited about the yummy food and family time but also STOKED to head somewhere with a little bit warmer weather.😂 What are your plans for the holiday!? www.kelseywells.com/app

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Here’s to renewed inspiration and open lines of communication! I feel there is a need to sincerely apologize for not giving enough attention to YOU, my followers, over the past year. Even though I always read comments, YOU don’t know I read them and that’s not fair. I have not been taking the time to respond and check out your pages to see what you’ve been up to. THAT changed a few days ago... some of you may have noticed. I’m not saying I’ll go back and check 20 posts ago for new comments nor am I saying I won’t have some busy days where I can’t, but I will do my very best to keep up with at least the last few days worth. So if you’ve asked me a question on a post and I never got back to you, ask it again on this one! If you want me to check out your last post, leave a comment for me to do so on any post moving forward. I’m sorry it has been a one way street lately. Thank you a million for always supporting me and my family! I encourage each and every one of you to do the same with your followers! Pay it forward and let’s continue to inspire and open the lines of communication. ❤️ . Wearing @aloyoga. EXCLUSIVE early-access to @aloyoga’s Black Friday sale starts today. Take 25% off full-priced items (this includes their new holiday line). Just head to their site & use code: SELFLOVE to shop! Make sure to click on the link in my bio to shop my faves!!!

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Não adianta ser apenas mais um... tem que ser você ! Vai, corre... lute.. sorria, a vida passa sem muita graça pra quem fica no sofa esperando as coisas acontecerem!!! . 🎡🏖🎡 . #California #topmodel #modelofotografica #gratidao #wellness #top4 #body #motivation  #dieta #lifefit #physique #fitness #aesthetic #exercise #girlsdaily #maromba #academia #hipertrofia #pollifit  #suplementação #wheyprotein #proteina #marombairon #muscle #atletas #hipertrofia #preworkout #suplementos #gym #treino