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Hallo guys, gimana? Udah pada gabung belum? Di @mobile.business , itu loh bisnis Yang bisa bikin kalian punya penghasilan 1-5 juta perhari nya.. Nah buat kalian yang kemaren cuma kepo" aja.. Mending gabung deh terus jadi NUSApreneur Daripada gadget kalian dipakek buat stalking yang gak jelas mending dipake buat bisnis di @mobile.business Modal nya minim, dan hasil nya? Amazing banget 😍😍 semua profesi dan kalangan bisa ikut.. Tidak pandang usia.. Dan terpenting MM BUSINESS ini sudah berpengalaman dibidang Digital Marketing maupun online Shop, jadi kamu pasti akan dibimbing sampai sukses...jangan sampe salah pilih yaa cuma di @mobile.business yang Sudah melahirkan banyak jutawan baru Dan sekarang, giliran kamu menjadi jutawan berikut nya 😉 #mobilebusiness #nusamediacreative #nmcgroup #nmcmobile #mobilebusiness #onlinebusiness #onlineshop #education #business #bisnis #bisnisanakmuda #bisnismudah #bisnissimpel #bisnissemuaumur #bisnishits2017 #legal #halal #trusted #entrepreneur #nusapreneur #smartpreneur #musically #dagelan #vidgram #indovidgram #selebgram

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I've released a video about top jobs in the USA for 2017-2018 and immediately started receiving comments from people asking whether they should change their profession, because their current one is not in the ranking. The answer is NO. I started my career back in 2011 as a study abroad consultant/entrepreneur. Is it anywhere in the rankings? NO. Is it what I love doing? Absolutely. I think this is the only right way to choose your profession. What do you think? Pic by @natalie.bero 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺Заметили, сколько под новым видео комментариев о том, что же делать гуманитариям?) Так вот, мой ответ такой - нужно делать то, что любите. Рейтинги это хорошо, если вы пока не понимаете, чего хотите в жизни. Если вы уже определились и любите ваше дело, продолжайте, совершенствуйтесь, учитесь зарабатывать больше на том, что любите. Моя карьера началась с консультанта по обучению за рубежом в своей же компании. Есть эта специальность где-нибудь в рейтингах? Ни разу не видела. Люблю ли я свое дело? Обожаю. Если вы еще не видели видео, то вам срочно по ссылке в шапке @linguamarina. И расскажите, что думаете. Фото от @natalie.bero ❤️

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Ooooooof course it was coming. We all knew. Tucker Carlson, who has emerged from the sewer in the past to contest a #BlackWoman on his show, is questioning @issarae's comments of who she was rooting for before the awards on Sunday. Carlson stated: "I just think it’s a divisive habit of thought,” he added. “I think looking at the world like that gets you to civil war, actually. I think you should look at people first as individuals. What did this person do? What does he believe? What has he achieved? And as soon as you see people as indistinguishable from their anybody else in their same group, that’s when you really start hating each other.” Interesting that Carlson is waist deep in a river tears is questioning "Issa Bae😘❤️" when he benefits from a system established and dedicated on seeing whites win. One thing about white people, they can never see racism (something they invented) until they feel excluded and are quick to feign victim. His whining is quintessentially a person being given a taste of their own medicine and having the audacity to cry to the world saying he's been poisoned. For the record, just so we're clear, I, too, cheer for anyone just because they are black. From game shows to sporting eventing to real life. #BlackPeople always have my support, just like #IssaRae #PanAfricanism #BlackNationalism #BlackEmpowerment #AfricanEmpowerment #AfricanAndProud #BlackAndProud #BlackPride #BlackPower #BlackLivesMatter #Amerikkka #UnapologeticallyBlack #UnapologeticallyAfrican #BlackInAmerica #BlackIsBeautiful #KnowThySelf #KnowledgeOfSelf #KnowledgeOfSelfIsANationality #EconomicEmpowerment #IntegrationFailed #WhiteLiesMatter #Education #AfricanUnification #AfricanUnity #BlackLove #JusticeOrElse #ProBlack