52 minutes ago

🔶This picture shows a German soldier armed with a Czech made VZ-24 as he looks down at a women who is begging him not to leave her.🔶 There are some sources that say this shows an Eastern European women begging for her life, and even I thought this was the case, but I’m fairly certain now that she is pleading with him not to leave. Im not going to say anything more in terms of this picture because I know whatever it is it will cause heated debate in the comments section. No doubt there will be heated argument over this picture anyways, and that’s okay but don’t let it get out of line or I will delete your comments. If someone doesn’t agree with you, you’re not going to change their mind by yelling and swearing at them. If anything, that will make them see your point even less. 🔷It is very possible that this is a propaganda photo that’s trying to make the Germans seem more humane. (Notice the beautiful flowers and calm nature of the German soldier.)🔷 Picture source: @w.w.2_history

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