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Body Goals 👀

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If you can see it in your mind, it can be your reality. 😊 Have a great weekend y'all!

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Life in one dimension is a waste... _ There is so much to be explored, unlocked, and experienced. _ As far back as I can recall, the human body has always been the most fascinating thing I’ve ever studied. _ I remember my eyes buggin out of my head the first time I watched Michael Air Jordan play, Iron Mike Tyson fight, or the way Pele had total and complete mastery of the most complex skills. _ All I ever wanted to do was to find a way to turn my own body into a elite instrument of skill, power, and precision. _ During the past 21 years on the same journey, I’ve learned more than I thought existed, and I soon realized there is so much more that hasn’t even been discovered. _ Technology is incredible, but the most capable and complex machine ever created was the human body. _ I haven’t done a great job of sharing what I do outside of the gym that enabled me to continue to improve my capabilities inside of the gym. _ Yoga has been a staple in my routine for over 5 years. I’m by no means a yogi, but the more disciplined I become in the art of yoga has also been reflected in the achievements I’ve made outside of the studio. _ Get outside of your comfort zone, try something new this weekend. You never know when or where you’re going to find your “X factor” _ Always push, grow, and extend what you think are the physical limitations you have in your life. _ One body, One mind, One life.... MAKE IT COUNT