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This made me smile 💯🙌 shoutout to my brother @vegantake0ver #booberries


  • brumtil 17-Sep-2017 08:47:59 AM

    @megamangs2 Don't go off track. Go back to the basis of what you said. It verges on insane. You don't seem to know much when it comes to basics.

  • megamangs2 17-Sep-2017 08:48:10 AM

    @brumtil How retarded can you be, to fucking preach about veganism and know nothing about agriculture and how it affects the environment where animals live and depend on, but oh well. The only animals that matter are the cute ones, right. Also, I don't think you have any right to say anything when you literally said in one of your posts that you would kick someone's dog if it gets aggressive to your dog. Just tell the owner to control their dog, if they don't you can easily report them.

  • megamangs2 17-Sep-2017 08:50:11 AM

    @brumtil I simply made a supporting piece of evidence for my claim. Fertilizers from the farms you depend on will always find a way to a body of water and it could cause serious damage to fish fry.

  • brumtil 17-Sep-2017 09:03:17 AM

    @megamangs2hey if you want to eat meat that been pumped full of drugs and growth hormones and if you understand that the planet isn't even big enough to sustain the meat industry if the animals were allowed to grave free then fine eat meat that's your choice to carry on but at least get the basics of math correct. And stop mumbling on trying to claim that vegans kill as many animals. We don't even have the sustainable water to keep the planet in happy animals. I really am bored of you now. No offense but you just don't seen very bright. So take care and enjoy your burgers. :)

  • got_to_be_kd 17-Sep-2017 14:28:43 PM

    @brumtil yes I know . I'm talking abut the cures. Most doctors won't even give them self chemotherapy or radiation. Because it cause cancer

  • sameol.g 17-Sep-2017 14:56:26 PM


  • hannahcoombsy 18-Sep-2017 00:46:11 AM

    @zacmilon HAHA yes

  • empressimara 18-Sep-2017 02:47:14 AM

    @tha.egypsy dis would be maahes

  • tha.egypsy 18-Sep-2017 11:08:01 AM

    @empressimara yupppp

  • flutesforfriends 18-Sep-2017 16:36:45 PM


  • gardengratitude 20-Sep-2017 00:15:04 AM


  • kristolism 21-Sep-2017 23:00:45 PM

    Just here for the drama 👀 who needs reality tv when there's pissed off meat eaters on the internet?

  • nurturedbinature 21-Sep-2017 23:57:55 PM

    Thanks for sharing inspiring content

  • _tommyy_d 22-Sep-2017 18:14:08 PM

    @rosetintdshades look at teeth. Your made to eat meat. Look at baby food. It’s mashed up chicken and peas? Fats help with brain development, the complete proteins help with immune and muscle development. I’m not a scientist or a doctor but I know I need meat. Can people be vegan and be healthy yes but it’s hard and for a child of any age it’s even harder because of how fast they grow. Listen to me , don’t listen to me. But when y’all kids are b12 deficient and have symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 12. Don’t let me be the one to say I told you so. Btw for the supplemental argument. Unless the b12 supplement is synthetic (which means it contains meat) you won’t absorb it all. Good luck.

  • rosetintdshades 22-Sep-2017 21:42:57 PM

    @_tommyy_d look at teeth and at our guts right? Pls don't tell me you googled our anatomy and found them to be similar to carnivores...... bc that's wrong information.

  • _tommyy_d 22-Sep-2017 23:48:35 PM

    @rosetintdshades okay. Why did we invent fire?

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 00:19:40 AM

    @rosetintdshades and how is that information wrong it’s right in your mouth you have teeth called Canine teeth that are made for cutting through meat and your molars are made for chewing. It’s really not that complicated,

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 00:23:47 AM

    @_tommyy_d u think our earliest ancestors thought "OH NOW we need FIRE for this meat!", not "we need FIRE to keep warm"...?? Your point is debatable, it is like asking "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" I would say protection was the FIRST thing they realized fire gave them, then warmth and extra light for the dark hours, and I think "grilling meat" came later.... after all, fire to them was a powerful source, meat was source that was hard to obtain, why would they throw it in the fire if they didn't know what would happen? ... u know what I mean, like our ancestors didn't know fire cooked the meat until probably later.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 00:25:58 AM

    @_tommyy_d Archaeologists and anthropologists are the ones who told us that fire is the REASON we probably evolved so fast, bc cooking ALL our food allowed us to consume nutrients better and digest faster.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 00:27:08 AM

    @_tommyy_d but cooking, let alone cooking meat, isn't the reason fire was invented. no one actually knows WHY - or HOW a fire was invented. Cooking was invented because of fire.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 00:28:49 AM

    @_tommyy_d those canines are just a name, they are not used for ripping meat. You are bigger than a dog, yes? Why are his canines so much bigger than yours.... 🤔 oh, bc he actually needs them. Have u ever seen a dental fossil of a human with sabertooth sized canines let alone a Labrador sized canine?????

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 00:31:25 AM

    @rosetintdshades your right, I’m wrong. Have fun going back to meat in 20 years

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 00:42:40 AM

    @_tommyy_d I really don't understand your irritation. I mean I do, but I am only answering your questions with logical updated information. Idk what your comment about going back to meat in 20 yes means, many ppl never return to meat after going plant-based lol.... so, I will pray you do not get cancer or diabetes, arthritis, asthma, food allergies, acne, high blood pressure, ecoli. Etc...

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 00:49:42 AM

    @_tommyy_d I would love to eat meat, but it is so disgustingly processed and the animals are so unkept and unhealthy - WHY would I eat them if the govt says it's ok to give them antibiotics just in case they make US sick!! U know that right? Giving up meat and animals products is about demanding that our livestock be in BETTER QUALITY. I want spectacularly raised steer, salmon, and chicken for sure..... and I'd pay a lot of money for it if it was truly wild and clean, but there's nothing like that in the US. Mass manufacture livestock is the WORST food for you.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 00:51:33 AM

    @_tommyy_d not only that! But when u cook meat the TRANSFORMS into a carcinogen! This is a FACT. RAW meat doesn't contain carcinogens - ONLY PROCESSED (cooked, smoked, dried, cured, etc - all processed) just read more, dude. I been where u are, there is more evidence to show that you should at least REDUCE significantly your intake.

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 01:05:06 AM

    @rosetintdshades then hunt. All I’m saying is we’re supposed to eat meat can you be healthy being a vegan yes, that’s what they say. Do I think it is I do not at all. Should kids be vegans, no. They don’t even understand what being Vegan is. People were made to eat meat. You cannot find all the vitamins, Minerals, calories, and most importantly time To live souly off A vegan diet. We are animals. We are also animals that Have both styles of teeth found in herbivores, And carnivores. We are omnivores. There is a reason to why apes are still in the jungle, And we live in houses, Instead of them inventing the wheel them and inventing fire, tools, etc. They have to search for food all day. Because we ate meat we can spend our time doing other things Due too How calorie dense meat is. Again I’m not trying to convince you to eat meat. My argument is so one doesn’t start their kid off being a vegan because We are animals that require both. If the kid turns 12 and wants to be a vegan great that’s their choice. Making your kid a vegan by birth will set them up for a very rough Start of their life. Kids need more vitamins minerals and nutrients than anybody in their 20s and up. Can kids get everything from not eating meat yeah but it’s a lot harder than me and you And if they stay at a deficit for too long while they’re developing it is unreversible.

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 01:12:14 AM

    @rosetintdshades to much of anything is not good. All I’m saying is kids need meat because our body is made to eat in. I’m not saying only eat meat. I have a nutritionist. If the person that studied it for 8 years isn’t a vegan. I’m not going to be.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:16:09 AM

    @_tommyy_d 🙄 right. Hunt for my own meat in my spare time, after 8 hrs of work right? Everyone has that luxury. Just hunt!

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 01:18:16 AM

    @rosetintdshades weekends, joe Rogan eats elk that he has caught everyday.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:19:36 AM

    @_tommyy_d 1) a human can live without meat, point blank, that includes children. If a child is malnourished it is the parents to blame, but if the child is healthy YOU have no right to say what that baby is supposed to eat, right? Especially now where humans are the most nutritionally educated. We can and we should bc, 2) the meant industry doesn't care about quality, 3) you have no idea why apes haven't evolved, obviously. Anthropologists haven't even figured that out. They think it's actually bc there is a MUTATED GENE that separates us and they have no idea how it mutated, possibly the invention of fire

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:21:11 AM

    @_tommyy_d but even if we gave apes fire, they don't know what to do with it, they won't learn how to cook... ya kno. There are baboons who hunt birds and other monkeys, and after studying them, anthropologists learned they LEARNED FROM HUMANS and DEVELOPED a taste for meat - so, then are we eating meat out of necessity or bc we actually like the taste?

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:24:27 AM

    @_tommyy_d your fears of malnutrition and the excuse that humans are "supposed" to eat meat keeps your mind closed. The information about nutrition is much more complex than ppl think - we are NOT carnivores, we DO NOT live for meat. We are OMNIVORES - we CAN eat meat, but we don't have to! Our stomachs are designed like apes and our canines match theirs as well. We are designed like them, we should probably eat like them too.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:25:08 AM

    @_tommyy_d dude. I live in San Francisco. All that is available to me is squirrels and stray pets.

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 01:26:28 AM

    @rosetintdshades they aren’t made to eat meat. We are. Let’s just agree to disagree. You eat plants, I’ll eat meat and plants.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:28:54 AM

    @_tommyy_d a man like you would say anything to keep the horrible habits you have - I don't drink alcohol, eat sugar, or watch sports. Lol. In other words, I'm not brainwashed like you mainstream zombies. "Too much of a good thing" - yet, 4oz of meat per meal is a recommended serving of meat, right? U know our ancestors only ate meat ONCE a month lmao. Cmon dude.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:29:59 AM

    @_tommyy_d human bodies and intestines were made the same, even to the enzymes that break down the food. What makes our bodies different that prove we are MADE to eat meat?

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:30:18 AM

    @_tommyy_d lol your logic is soooooo inconsistent!!!

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 01:36:14 AM

    @rosetintdshades it’s not. My logic is we were made to eat meat kid should eat meat.

  • rosetintdshades 23-Sep-2017 01:39:46 AM

    @_tommyy_d but WHY ... the answers you gave me have been disproven indications of NEEDing to eat meat. What else u got?

  • _tommyy_d 23-Sep-2017 01:40:24 AM

    @rosetintdshades Mainstream zombies? OK. You realize being vegan is a fad diet? Hence why being vegan didn’t start into the past 50 years. Yep prior to this being known as the healthiest thing everPeople are still living at 80 years old. Please go sniff your fart. Maybe I’ll protect the atmosphere from Pollution

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