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Over the weekend I sat in traffic not once, not even twice…but every time I took a car in Paris. 🚙 While sitting in it the last time I started thinking about other things I’d rather be doing than being stuck in jam, like watching «Die Hard» or «Rembo» movie. I hate it but I would rather watch it with my boyfriend then sit in traffic. 😅 Swipe to see the video from uber which shows how our cities will look like in just a couple of years. The traffic will be completely stopped. For me, it’s always important to be on time for shootings, but with the current situation on the roads, if the work starts at 6 a.m. for sunrise, then I need to wake up at 4 a.m. to arrive in time. This couldn’t last forever unless I stop shooting at sunrise (which is impossible since it’s the best light of the day!) 📸 If we can have fewer cars on the streets, we can spend more time with family and friends, simple but true. Share your ride and make the world a better place! 🌎 And what would you rather do than sitting in traffic?🚗 📷 @levgasov #UnlockParis #Unlockcities #RideTogether #ad

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GREAT NEWS! The National Museum of Qatar in Doha won "Best Façade Design and Engineering of the Year" at the ABB LEAF Awards! • The Leading European Architects Forum celebrate the “projects and personalities that have made the biggest impact upon our built environment, and the international design community, over the last 12 months and beyond." • The National Museum of Qatar is designed by the Ateliers Jean Nouvel and still under construction. It won this award on September the 21st. "Everything in this museum works to make the visitor feel the desert and the sea. The museum’s architecture and structure symbolize the mysteries of the desert’s concretions and crystallizations, suggesting the interlocking pattern of the bladelike petals of the desert rose", says Jean Nouvel.

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Nothin’ like a sunset in NYC - am I right? ___ P.S. If you zoom in close enough, you’ll notice a sign — we also got space 😉

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This is an @egma_landscape Design which is in the construction progress by @tivadatis ☘️☘️☘️ #LANDSCAPE is more than just "the view" It's the interaction between people and the place ... Follow other Landscape Projects in Design & Construction on @egma_landscape ☘️ #Architecture #Roof #Yard #Patio #Garden #Plant #Fountain #Pool #Pond #Gazebo #Pergola #Arbor #Trellis #Wood #Deck #Greenwall #Paving #Lighting #Irrigation #Photo #معمارى #محوطه #فضاى_سبز #لنداسكيپ #آبيارى #نورپردازى