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Enjoy Wine and a Sugar & Foot Scrub for two! FREE 💆‍♀️🌱Give us a call to book your spot at 828-322-8008

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Made this HUGE delicious salad in the cafe at my work campus! It’s salad bar style so you can put whatever you want on it - the options really are quite vast. It was soooo incredibly good - sometimes I just crave a salad and today was one of those days! I put maybe about an 1/8 cup of shredded cheese and fat free ranch dressing on it - so maybe 5-8sp because I don’t half-ass my dressing. Everything else was free, F-R-E-E, FREE!!! #oneofmyfavoritewords #salad #NOM #getinmabelly #soooogood #foodgasm ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #healthyeating #trackit #dedication #startingover #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #iammywhy #myjourney #ww #fittofab #health #selflove #gettingfit #losingthefat #onemealatatime #itsalifestylenotadiet #healthymama #beyondthescale #weightlossgoals #weightlossprogress #girlswhoeat #healthylifestyle #hardwork #gettingmyselfback

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For more recipes, tips and news updates, visit our social media platform @mytastearoma on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit our website www.tastearoma.com for the latest news. 👍🏾 . . SUBSCRIBE to our new Taste Aroma Kitchen channel to view or download all our recipes videos.👩🏾‍🍳 Click on the link in our bio! . . Call or WhatsApp us on 0561890077 for the Taste Aroma Recipe Book, recipe videos, surveys and more! . . . #mytastearoma #tastearomadish #cookingtips #tasty #herbsandspices #accracraves #accraeats #TasteAromaKitchen #yummie #foodporn #Foodie #Food #ginger #healthyfood #eatwell #healthyliving #africancuisine #africanfood #ghana #accra #recipes #ebook #free #veggies #vegetables #health #wellbeing

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Evening cycle with my boy 🐶🚴🏼‍♀️ Injured my ankle/big toe this week and can't walk or train properly or play football 😖 nothing worse after a really good week training last week. Determined not to let it get to me though and a light cycle is better than nothing, especially when you're going from average 20-30k steps a day to 4K 😒 on the bright side took a different route than normal and got some nice views and some peace & quiet, always trying to find a positive in the situation. Cycling with one good foot & a hyper Labrador on a leash = skill level 10000 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Meet Paul! We are soooo very proud of Paul’s results, he is literally half the man I use to know!!! To date Paul, has lots over 20kgs in 16 weeks using Herbalife and is feeling much happy, healthier and full of energy within himself!!! Way to go Paul! Amazing results to date!!!! 🙌 🙌 🙌 PM me today to start your weigh loss journe! Ph: 0400 537 039 *individual results may vary

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Where every purchase there is a purpose. ❤ Did you know that our company has 3 causes we care deeply about: 1) CHILDREN: Each and every purchase provided minimum one full year of clean drinking water for a child. 1 deodorant sold = 1 year of water. Our average sale is 4 deodorants. Our goal is to save 4000 children a day. 2) ANIMALS: one day each month we donate 100% of all sales to an animal sanctuary 3) ENVIRONMENT: We are a zero waste, 100% plastic-free company. And we'll be challenging other companies to do the same. Check out our new website. Click our link in our bio. 👈

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Wie oft ich Bauch trainiere? Bei jedem Workout! Zwischen den Sätzen oder als Zirkel zum Schluss. Sehr schwere Bauchübungen, trainiere ich allerdings separat / kein Supersatz - keine Vorbelastung und voller Fokus auf Maximalkraft der spezifischen Übung! Ich liebe diese Übung hier im Video und integriere sie wöchentlich mindestens einmal. KEYPOINTS 🔑: » Beine sind locker und möglichst ohne Spannung, lang gestreckt (Hüftbeuger soll nicht mitarbeiten bzw. der Bauch möglichst isoliert) » der Arm mit dem Gewicht haltend, ist immer über Kopf/senkrecht gerichtet. » legt die Schulterblätter nie ganz ab und behaltet den unteren Rücken am Boden. Ich liebe diese Übung deshalb, da sie enorme komplexe Rumpfstabilisierung durch das hinzufügte einseitige Gewicht erfordert. Dazu habt ihr nahezu jeden Anteil eurer Bauchmuskulatur enthalten. 🙌👌 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• MARIESTEFFEN.COM

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Throwback to one of the first modeling gigs I’ve had. That night opened doors for many photo shoots and modeling opportunities. I love it, even if it’s just a hobby for me, being in front of the camera is the best feeling ever. If anybody needs a model for anything, let me know! I can do anything from swimwear to fitness apparel, from video-shoots to advertising for a company or business! My portfolio is available as well. Just send me a DM or email me at my booking email of jwcox102 @aol.com • • • #ad

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Trying to get Boulder Shoulders! Burn out with Medicine Ball raises for an awesome finisher

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Open your window to the world, and take every opportunity that is offered.

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Love yourself.

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Getting that ‘Upside Down Dorito Chip’ Back