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Here is a booty workout for all the girls that have been asking! 🍑 Featured Exercises: 1️⃣ Hip Raise (smith) w/miniband 2️⃣ Side Kicks w/miniband 3️⃣ Hip Thrusters (in leg kick machine) 4️⃣ Standing side kicks w/weight Hit the link in our bio for more workouts! #ShopInspireMe #InspireMe Athlete: @Hannaoeberg

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Weekend mau ngajak kemana ? ______________________________________

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Motivation extreme mamamiaaa 😍🔥 Mentionne une amie/Tag your friend 👭 Follow @motivationchoc 🏆

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I'm too many years in the zone Too many years to have built what i own.. #GorillaGANG - Interested in my personal workout program? Email me for further details👇 StipkeWorkout @Gmail.com

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BIGGER BY THE REP PROGRAM IS FINALLY HERE.. 👉🏼www.ReganGrimesFitness.com ( Link in bio ) @regangbodybuilding