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Menyusul keberhasilan perusahaan eGenesis dalam menciptakan babi bebas virus beberapa waktu lalu, para peneliti China mengumumkan bahwa mereka sedang mempelajari cara mentransplantasikan organ babi ke manusia (xenotransplantasi). . Teknik ini diyakini akan bisa digunakan dalam waktu dua tahun. Berdasarkan ukuran dan metabolismenya, organ babi memang dianggap sebagai pendonor xenotranplantasi terbaik untuk manusia. . Untuk memastikan manfaatnya, lebih dari 10 institusi di China telah meminta izin pemerintah untuk melakukan percobaan transplantasi organ babi pada manusia. Percobaan ini akan dilakukan di bawah bendera proyek xenotranplantasi nasional yang dibiayai oleh pemerintah China. . #infia #infiafact #health #healthy #science #sains #pig #babi

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Before EVERY big pull, comes an even BIGGER shot of WHISKEY 🥃 #WhiskeyAndDeadlifts . That @mad_scientist_duffin method! (okay, maybe a tiny sip lol, I'm lifting not trying to get wasted) 💥 WHY DO I DRINK WHISKEY BEFORE I DEADLIFT?💥 I'm naturally an amped up lifter when I deadlift, and I NEED TO CALM DOWN. When I get too hyped up, I start over thinking. Yes whiskey is depressant, which I use in order to calm myself down. But it initial effect do cause a slight increase in blood pressure which helps as well. 💥IS WHISKEY YOUR PREWORKOUT?💥 NOOO! I use whiskey as any other powerlifter would use nose tork (ammonia). I only use it for my 3rd attempts (sometimes second attempts). And I ONLY TAKE A TINY SIP! I'm not trying to get drunk while I lift. I just need some liquid courage to ease my mind! 💥DOES WHISKEY MAKE YOU STRONGER?💥 No, alcohol does not make anyone magically stronger. It just helps you gain mental courage. FULL REASON WHY I TAKE SHOTS OF WHISKEY BEFORE I DEADLIFT IN MY LATEST YOUTUBE VIDEO!! (Link in bio) SO #CHEERS 🍻 TO TAKING SHOTS OF WHISKEY BEFORE DEADLIFTING!🥃

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Her heart's out and she's so cute 😭😭😢😍😍 👀👀😨😭 let's get 25,000 likes ... Follow @viralfordays for more

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What's good @theyamgram Seriously, baby of the year right here. 😂😂😂