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Enjoying the last summery days before Autumn 🌞

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⚪️Quitters make excuses , winners find a way. • • ⚪️ You are not defined a "winner" simply if you have a six pack, or huge legs or big arms. • • ⚪️Winning means overcoming an obstacle that NOBODY thought you could overcome. • • ⚪️Winning is having a vision, and putting in the work and time to make that vision a reality. • • ⚪️Winning is sacrificing family time, friends, social events and pleasures to reach the goal you set out to achieve. • • ⚪️Winning is hard, winning takes work. Winning takes effort to make it to the top and even more effort to stay on top. • • ⚪️I encourage my followers to ask yourself.. "Am I winning? Am I putting in 100% effort? Could I do more"? Winning is simply trying to be the best version of yourself 🤙👊 Keep winning💯 • • ⚪️PC📸 @fetosetti • • #win #inspire #motivation #sacrifice #grind #hardwork #diet #supplements #nutrition #abs #legs #arms #shoulders #chest #model #fitnessmodel #tattoos #lifestyle #weights #cardio #shredding #legendary

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Tattooed my boy @swaelee from Rae Sremmurd last night! WHAT CELEBS DO YOU WANNA SEE ME TATTOO NEXT?! Tag them!

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how old are you?🥀
"You deserve someone treating you well all the time.
You deserve someone who texts you back.
You deserve actual phone calls and someone just checking in to see how you are.
You deserve someone who is willing to treat you the way you treat everyone else.
You deserve someone who wants to meet everyone in your life.
Someone who cares about building relationships with your friends.
You deserve someone who keeps their word.
Someone who shows up on time.
You deserve someone who cares.
Someone who never stops showing it.
You deserve someone who remembers the details you tell them.
Someone who really listens to you.
You deserve someone who works to build your trust knowing very well how important that is.
You deserve more than someone who plays games and leads you on. Because anyone who leaves you confused doesn’t like you enough.
Don’t settle for a relationship with someone who is afraid to even say that word.
Don’t continue falling for someone your friends already hate because of the way he treats you.
You deserve someone whose acts of kindness are genuine and not a way to gain something else.
Someone who treats you as well as they did trying to get you and that doesn’t change when they finally have you.
You don’t deserve someone whose word you can’t rely on.
Who says one thing and does another.
You deserve someone who is so happy to have someone like you.
You deserve someone who doesn’t fear the future but wants you a part of theirs.
Don’t settle in love. Don’t forget how you deserve to be treated.
And if anyone tells you your expectations are too high or unrealistic don’t budge because there is someone who will meet them."