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You guys know how i love my braids 🌺✨ I’ve been wearing them a ton and using @bumbleandbumble wave spray and invisible oil to tame and style them in the humidity of Costa Rica 🌊🌺 Let me know in the comments below if you guys want a braid tutorial on my French style and this loose mermaid style!! #BbCostaRica #ad

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Seus cabelos cada vez mais fortes em três passos. #match #oboticario #hair #beauty Produtos na imagem: Match. Tônico do Crescimento Shampoo Match. Tônico do Crescimento Condicionador Match. Tônico do Crescimento Complexo Acelerador #pracegover Na imagem, temos três planos diferentes e, sobre eles, estão três produtos da linha Match., cujas embalagens são azuis e pretas. No canto superior esquerdo, temos o Condicionador Tônico do Crescimento. Já no centro, temos o Shampoo Tônico do Crescimento. E, no canto inferior direito, está o Complexo Acelerador Tônico do Crescimento. A cor do fundo é rosa.

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In the midst of working on a laptop all day It’s always nice to take a lil break and stretch the legs + catch some fresh rays! 😊 an active break always helps me to come back ready to focus on my work 😎👌 I’ve also been trying out my new @erabellahairextensions and I’m pretty stoked at how well they blend with rest of my hair! 🙈 what do you guys think! 💁🏼 P.s today is the LAST DAY to Enter My 6 WEEK SHRED!! 🙈 click the link in my Bio To Get Started! 😊🔥🔥

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. . Plusってみんなどうやって持ってるの? めっちゃ落とすんだよね🤦🏻‍♀️ . 真っ黒❤︎ チークもリップもオレンジ❤︎ . 今日20:00〜アプリLive Shop生配信です❤️ 冬にぴったりなお団子するのだ〜〜 ぜひ見に来てください♡♡♡ . 毎週Live Shopの前にスタバの キャラメルマキアート飲むのが楽しみ🗼 . . 二度寝するとだいたい悪夢みる🤦🏻‍♀️はぁ . #hair #hairstyle #haircolor #hairmake #hairarrange #hairaccesory #make #makeup #fashion #ヘアアレンジ #ヘア #ヘアスタイル #ヘアメイク #メイク #movie #前髪 #アレンジ #巻き #black

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Stuck between baby face and a mature face. 👶 👵 Who else has this problem😂