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The first promo shots have been released for the upcoming "*ssTricks" apparel campaign, designed by @jimmiesprinkles and shot by @ylvaerevall 😄👍🏼📸 Not only will they offer awesome circuit gear, underwear, harnesses and more...but accessories like this iridescent fan! Every circuit boy needs a good fan! 🎉😄💪🏼 Visit the @asstricksgetsyoulaid Instagram account and look out for the new line to come out, so excited! Loving this super fun shot 😋 #asstricksgetsyoulaid #circuitstyle #jimmiesprinkles #designs #fashion #circuitstyle #theShot #loveIt #CrackthatFAN #Asstricks #Newline #Circuitgear #Circuitboys #partyboys #style #burnerfashion #jockstrap #harness #instagay #instamen #instaboy #instapic #instadaily

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WWW.DESIGN-INSPIRATION.NET link in profile @_design_inspiration tag #design_inspiration_net to get featured _____ Design by: Hermes Jessen - Donald Chair The chair Donald was developed in the context of a graduation project at Folkwang UdK and in cooperation with the plywood company Becker Brakel. Two mutually reinforcing elements are connected by the use of industrial velcro and form a constructive and formal unit. The unusual connection reduces assembly costs, offers easy disassembly and a strong construction. Certain coloring of the elements either underlines or reduces the visual duality of the chair. As we see a chair most of the time from its back, this view got special attention in the design process. Donald is ecological and efficient to produce and compact stackable. _____ @_design_inspiration [+173k] link in bio

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