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7 carats of sparkle! 💎✨

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“I was approaching my 30th birthday and Gavin had asked me to take the Monday off after it. I incorrectly assumed he was taking me on a surprise getaway for my big day so on that Saturday morning, I asked what and when I needed to pack. He replied, “just trust me, you’ll know when you need to know!” We started the perfect Fall day with breakfast at our donut spot and then moved on to mango margaritas nearby (our favorite). Afterwards, we set off towards #ProspectPark and Gavin mentioned that “in hindsight, all the places we go today will make sense”. At that moment I thought ‘Bingo – This is a scavenger hunt and we’re getting closer to finding out what our destination is!’ My mind was running – why did we go here, and there, and why this order?! As we walked through the park, Gav led us to a quiet path overlooking a lake and paused at a sunny clearing with no one around. Having found the perfect spot, Gav said “I think now is a good time for your next clue.” (Time to find out where we we’re jet-setting to, I thought!) When he turned to dig into his backpack, I saw a little black box and my heart sped up while the world slowed. Then, he got on one knee and asked if I would be his partner, teammate and wife, and I couldn’t even articulate a yes. I was in shock and in tears from the moment I saw the box...”

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Here are photos of the double sided wedding A-Frame chalkboards from An and Geraldine’s wedding. If you missed it, the process video for the tea ceremony side is in the previous post. My trusty @olympus_au OMD-EM1 has been playing up lately and stopped recording after ten seconds of filming me letter this welcome side. I was so disappointed 😔 (and annoyed 😜). Time for a new camera, any suggestions? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #melbournewedding #melbourneweddings #wedding #weddings #bride #brides #bridemagazine #instabride #instabrides #instawedding #instaweddings #melbournebride #melbournebrides #justmarried #shesaidyes #modernwedding #brideinspo #brideinspiration #weddinginspo #weddinginspiration #wedspo #vintagewedding #chalkboard #weddingchalkboard #modernvintage #video #processvideo #inthemaking #satisfyingvideo #welcomeboard