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hey guys, sorry for being so inactive lately i lost so many followers bc i’ve been busy with school but i’ll promise i’ll be active from now on 🏹. ——— follow me ( @suffocate) for more deep quotes 🌹

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Every single workout I ever do, I always try and make more difficult than my last. I don’t make excuses, I don’t stop when it starts to hurt, I push past my pain barriers, both physically and mentally and break my muscles down to the point where I can’t even do another rep. The harder you train, the more food you can eat and the more your muscles will grow. You need to learn to love the pain, it is an amazing feeling

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I'm constantly trying to get more women into cycling and it oftentimes proves difficult to convince women that it's a great sport. 😭 If there are any of ye reading this who are female cyclists it would be great to hear how you got into cycling and any tips you might have for those starting out on the bike. Similarly, if any of you are competing it would be fantastic to learn more about steps you took to get prepared for racing. Lastly, if you are interested in trying racing but don't know where to begin I'd like to know what your concerns are? If anyone else has thoughts on how to get more women into cycling and also competing let us know what you think. 🚴‍♀️💪

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전에 작업했던 꽃 주위로 뱀을 추가했어요🌷🐍 가운데 두 송이는 발색 되었어요! 초록색을 좋아하셔서 눈에는 초록색을!! 저를 많이 찾아주셔서 너무 감사드립니다. 전에는 도넛과 이번에는 치킨까지.. 얻어먹기만 하네요.. 감사해요! 잘먹을게요! 다들 편안하고 행복한 밤 보내세요🌙 타투문의 (미성년자는 정중히 거절합니다) kakaotalk : nova66 #tattoo #tattoos #ink #daily #tattooart #장미타투 #work #첫줄 #서울타투 #flowertattoo #뱀타투 #여자타투 #design #타투 #꽃 #꽃타투 #라인워크 #감성타투 #라인타투 #신촌타투 #소통 #일상 #인친 #맞팔 #선팔 #데일리 #패션 #knovatattoo #패션타투 #홍대타투