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WE ARE GOD‘S MASTERPIECE. Eph 2:10 While finishing this piece I realized how dark it is. But then it dawned on me: when do you need to know the most that we are God’s masterpiece? In our darkest hours. I didn’t actually think of that but it made so much sense. Hope you enjoy it and are reminded that God is your biggest fan! He made you, and like a father, he loves you, for who you are and not what you do or create. Sometimes i drift off and try to impress Him or others with my talents or actions like... look i read my bible today, look i went to church, look, I did something nice... but like a toddler that proudly shows his drawings to his dad. The father isn’t impressed by the drawing but by his Kid, and will love it, no matter what. He loves you! Not for your looks, not for your talents or possessions, simply YOU! (Inspired by an awesome message from @petertoggs last sunday: I AM WHO I AM) Check out the timelapse in my insta story Made on ipad pro 12.9“ with procreate

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One of each please

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My Art Improvement 2014 vs 2017 I started this account in 2014, but I almost never posted drawings and I deleted those who were here! But I kept training, some drawings are in my deviantart until today! (Maybe?) lol I started drawing manga style in 2009 before that I drew only normal drawings like every child xD I need to train a lot yet, of course, mainly scenarios! But now my art already seems pretty cool lol I think we will always be on this journey of training and improving each day! I really want to improve, but the most important thing is to be happy with your current skill, and I'm happy! I'm really grateful for this! 💕 . . . #mangaartist #mangaart #artgoals #artimprovement #instaart #instaartist #instamanga #mangaka #illustrations #drawings #instadrawings #sketch #myartimprovement #myart