3 hours ago

Instagram changed up its algorithm again and I have no idea when to post to give you all the best chance of seeing them 😭😭😭 But here’s my booty and heels - you can see this set in its entirety over at @maddicphotography ‘s Patreon ❣️

2 hours ago

Sometimes when I look in the mirror all kitted up from head to toe in lycra I think...wow...what a dickhead. 🤣 I’ve been getting some criticism about doing too much “advertising”. I want to clarify that I’m not being paid for any of my kit/equipment posts and I only talk about products I genuinely like and use. I also try to write about them in a way that’s useful and informative to my followers. Being supported by brands really helps me as an athlete and I do my best to balance between training, racing, kit, equipment and lifestyle posts. I hope that’s understandable. 👍🚴‍♀️ Happy Monday!

a day ago

You can always get more money, But you can’t get more time. Life is a collection of experiences, make the most of your time. @circulrco #WristTakers