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Cutting vs Bulking💪🏽 Repost from my other page: @biancataylorfitness - I wanted to share this post because of how many girls ask me about gaining mass on their lower body. - I do cycles of “cuts” (being in a caloric deficit and “bulks” (being in a surplus). Doing this allows me time to not only enjoy food/ eating out but training heavier and improving strength. When I focus on “Bulking” I really try to build on my glutes simply because that’s what I like to do. I do also accumulate some body fat during this process which is normal. I’ll comfortable with it because I know I’m healthy and making the kind of gains I want. - 👉🏽The left pic is from April where I did a mini cut for Summer for a few weeks. I increased my cardio, cut out snack foods, stuck to 5 meals that reach my macros, and had 1-2 higher carb meals a week. I was a bit leaner than I am now, but not drastically lean like I was back in the bikini prep days. 👉🏽The right pic is from now, where you can see I’ve worked on my glutes a lottt. Since Summer I’ve enjoyed more food, lifting heavier, and for a while eased on the cardio regimen. When I do this I gain pretty easily and with that comes other changes in my body like cellulite mainly on my hamstring area, a softer mid section and that annoying bra fat. My boobies look slightly smaller because I have implants and being thicker evens out my boob to body ratio. #science That’s how it is for me when my body gains weight and I’ve learned to love this stage for its own reasons. - I’ve recently upped the cardio again and will start the “dieting” portion of my next cutting phase next week when I get back from traveling. But even with a simple increase in activity and no adjustments to food intake I can feel my body changing.⚡️ I hope to share more posts like this over the next few weeks to document where I’m at as I venture back into no-snack-cardio land. I’m excited to really see the gains I’ve made and experience change again. It took me a while to get comfortable with weight gain/ changes in my body, but I love it now. I like to be thicker than a snicker and I like to be lean. Both are great. Love your body in all of its stages!


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In total the E30 M3 had seven special edition models that were produced from 1987-1990. Out of these seven three were homologation models known as the EVO I, EVO II, and Sport EVO. The photo above is the very beautiful and very rare E30 M3 Sport EVO, considered the most highly modified of the three. The Sport EVO was produced during late 89 and early 90 and in total only 600 examples left the factory! For this model BMW Motorsport was able to crank out 238hp from the S14 engine compared to 200hp for EVO I and 220hp for EVO II. This was achieved by increasing cylinder bore, increasing total displacement to 2,467 CC, using larger valves, a more aggressive cam, and special nozzles to keep the pistons cool. The Sport EVO sits 10mm lower than the standard E30 M3 and is fitted with a number or exterior aerodynamic and weight reducing finishes. Wheels remained the same as other EVO models - 16” cross spoke however finished in a darker Nogaro silver for the Sport EVO model. Two options were offered for the exterior finish either Jet Black with red bumper stripes or Brilliant Red with black bumper stripes.

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Shiny panel.

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So ready to get in her and her where I want her to be 😩😍