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Cutting vs Bulking💪🏽 Repost from my other page: @biancataylorfitness - I wanted to share this post because of how many girls ask me about gaining mass on their lower body. - I do cycles of “cuts” (being in a caloric deficit and “bulks” (being in a surplus). Doing this allows me time to not only enjoy food/ eating out but training heavier and improving strength. When I focus on “Bulking” I really try to build on my glutes simply because that’s what I like to do. I do also accumulate some body fat during this process which is normal. I’ll comfortable with it because I know I’m healthy and making the kind of gains I want. - 👉🏽The left pic is from April where I did a mini cut for Summer for a few weeks. I increased my cardio, cut out snack foods, stuck to 5 meals that reach my macros, and had 1-2 higher carb meals a week. I was a bit leaner than I am now, but not drastically lean like I was back in the bikini prep days. 👉🏽The right pic is from now, where you can see I’ve worked on my glutes a lottt. Since Summer I’ve enjoyed more food, lifting heavier, and for a while eased on the cardio regimen. When I do this I gain pretty easily and with that comes other changes in my body like cellulite mainly on my hamstring area, a softer mid section and that annoying bra fat. My boobies look slightly smaller because I have implants and being thicker evens out my boob to body ratio. #science That’s how it is for me when my body gains weight and I’ve learned to love this stage for its own reasons. - I’ve recently upped the cardio again and will start the “dieting” portion of my next cutting phase next week when I get back from traveling. But even with a simple increase in activity and no adjustments to food intake I can feel my body changing.⚡️ I hope to share more posts like this over the next few weeks to document where I’m at as I venture back into no-snack-cardio land. I’m excited to really see the gains I’ve made and experience change again. It took me a while to get comfortable with weight gain/ changes in my body, but I love it now. I like to be thicker than a snicker and I like to be lean. Both are great. Love your body in all of its stages!


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Ура! Я снова в строю после болезни!!! Работаем над танцем #Чача с Матвеем и Беатой! Юниоры 1! —- Glad to be back!!! Working on #Chacha with Matvei & Beata! Juniors 1!

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