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@myaplanet9 all I can say is thank you. . . . . #quietassassin #allornothing #rapper #rap #realtalk #music #memes #fun #funny #lit #hiphop #instagram #soundcloud #youtube #reverbnation #instagram #photooftheday #videooftheday #selfies #instaart #instago #truth #blacklivesmatter


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Hi, I'm Sophia and I am a Goo-hoarder. In light of the recent move and thus realizing just how many products I've collected and dont use, I've decided that shall be my 2018 project: to use up all the Goos. This means I'll probably be looking and smelling better than my usual self. *Rejoices* Also gonna take this opportunity to remind yall to donate blood too! 😉 ✌ Also if you look closely behind the hair in the right pic, you can see a float plane! (Damn wind covered it up) #goohoarder #nofilter #floatplane #yvr #vancity #2018 #simplifyyourlife #lookinggood #ForOnce #redhair #70s #shades #makeup #beauty #products #giveblood #itsinyoutogive #TimeForAPintOfIcecreamSinceIGaveAPintOfBlood

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1 gram just not enough? - For those who really know what they like, Absolute Zero is offered in 3.5, 7, 14 and 28 gram quantities. Buy in larger quantity and save money. Note: we do not split AZ for more terpene profiles. . . .

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Miaaaam quoi de mieux en ces temps de froid qu’un bon milkshake aux fruits rouges ! C’est mon petit plaisir de la journée ! Alors je n’ajoute jamais de sucre dans toutes les boissons que je consomme car je trouve que ça peut en gâcher le goût mais pour celles qui aiment un peu plus sucré qu’acide il est possible de rajouter un peu de sucre ou de miel ! Je vous souhaite une excellente journée les girly’s aujourd’hui c’est tout vitaminé tout pinky! #pink #pinkyjopi #smoothie #red #fruit #berry #products #snow #day #cold #enjoy #girl #girly #have #good #day ! ❄️💕

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Follow us @luxurywithdanny for more luxury posts! Check out the link in my bio to learn how you can start making money online.

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In 2010, Armen Kyurkchyan ( @kyurkchyan_publishing) published his first book on Armenian ornamental art, which he had been working on that book for 15 years, collecting Armenian medieval ornaments from Eastern Armenia, Karabakh, and Armenian medieval manuscripts around the world and then making graphic images of those ornaments. Today, artisans all over the world use those images for their crafts—including WithLove’s artisan partners. It’s all about working together, and this project uniquely curates the best Armenia’s craft sector has to offer! Buy your set today—link in bio. 🇦🇲

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I am a product of my work! Enjoying these beautiful, thick yet light, full FLAWLESS extensions and INSTALL! Puregoldremy.com hand-tied weft extensions are perfect for me! I love to look my best at ALL Times and these custom bundles help me achieve this! Log on and shop our hand-tied collection featuring top grades and exotic textures that are donor cut, fresh and ready for installation! Don't forget to join the E-CLUB link in my bio to stay connected. Sell. Model. Endorse and make easy money just like me too! Who else is paying you back for your purchase with a lifetime opportunity to make money? #lovepurediamond #puregoldremy #products #virginhair #plug #handtiedwefts #premium #extensions #getpaid #to #model #and #promote #promoterswanted #online

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Skin Tip Tuesday: 💥Regular exfoliation is one of the keys to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. If you don’t, you’re leaving a layer of dead skin cells on the top, which leads to clogged pores and dullness. A good exfoliator can go a long way in helping you to achieve a bright, beautiful complexion! 💥

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Les presentamos el split ender pro de #talavera #hair #products un recortado de orquillas el cual corta las puntas , no el largo del cabello. ¿Que esperas para probarlo y adquirirlo?

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Estamos Iniciando Nuestro Espacio Virtual Para Tus Compras, Seguro A Buen Precio Y Calidad. Estamos Preparando Para Tí Productos Íncreiblemente Buenos. #FashioShop #PurchaseVirtual #Products #Staring 👙⌚👞💄👜💲💳💰🎉🎊

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#PlanetTIPS (Desliza para verlo en ESPAÑOL) 👉🏻 - GET A VITAMIX! Vitamix blenders are built to last and come with full warranties to give you the best value for your money. The have responsive controls that create a full range of textures, from chunky salsas to smoother smoothies, letting you adjust each blend to your own taste buds. You can make soup, ice cream, sauce... Just about ANYTHING!✨✅ • • #PlanetTIPS : COMPRA UNA VITAMIX! Las licuadoras Vitamix están diseñadas con excelente durabilidad y tienen todas las garantías para ofrecerte el mejor valor por tu dinero. Tienen controles sensibles que te permite ajustar cada mezcla con diferentes texturas. Desde salsas gruesas hasta los smoothies más suaves. Puedes hacer sopa, helado, salsa… ¡Casi TODO! Un deleite para tus papilas gustativas!✨✅

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Kamshield is sponsoring Splash of Love hosted by Mario Lopez on April 14, 6 PM at The Proud Bird. The fundraiser is where attendees can enjoy an evening of entertainment, drinks and community networking. Purchase your tickets now! http://psiloveyoufoundation.org/

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Bathroom Vanity - Custom made. Interested, please submit inquiries at shaybone.com

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Bathroom Vanity – Single Sink Vanity (Tiffany) Shown in Color: Normandy. Dimensions 42″W x 22″D x 34″H.

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Capture golden moments and control when to cover your webcam. #Kamshield

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Bathroom Vanity - Single Sink Vanity (Betty)- in Black Iron Color. Dimensions 60”W x 22”D x 34”H. Other sizes and colors available