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Much obliged for the birthday well wishes. 20s came and went but did something good along the way I think.

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As some of you might know, I can be a very anxious person if I feel things are out of my control. So when Sanchez said he would plan our anniversary (which was going to be a surprise), it’s safe to say I was a little anxious. Not because I didn’t think he could plan it, but I had to sit back and give someone else control. I was stressing about things that weren’t even worth stressing about - what do I wear? What kind of shoes will I need? WHAT DO I BRING? Fast forward to yesterday, and Sanchez tells me we’re doing a day trip to Daylesford. I was super excited because I’ve always wanted to go! We made a pit stop at Trentham Falls before we had lunch at bakery in Woodend (where he had gone as a kid) and made another pit stop at his stepdad’s property in Musk (which had the prettiest fruit grove) before we landed in Daylesford. We had a wander down the Main Street (including a really cool bazaar of every sort of collectors item you could think of) before we relaxed by Lake Daylesford (not before a fat, white duck tried to eat us) and had an indulgent, Mediterranean dinner in Hepburn Springs. Moral of the story: it pays to just sit back and trust the process. And your boyfriend ❤️ #love #anniversary #celebration #travel #daytrip #daytripper #drive #roadtrip #australia #country #countryside #culture #ootd #motd #dinner #foodporn #food #foodie #yoga #yogi #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #wellness #photo #photography #photooftheday #photographylovers #picoftheday #afterlight

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I can't sleep • I love emojis ! So much, I want to know your favorite Emojis !! Comment all of them 💌love you