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Team UM would like to not only Welcome Brittany @btitzmcgee to the Team but wish her a Happy Birthday as well! - Technically Brittany has been with Team UM since July. I am wayyyy behind on my new Athlete announcements so watch for more soon. Brittany comes from St. Louis and works as a stylist. The original goal was to try and have her prep for a show right off the bat without doing a leanbulk first. We made great progress in the first 10 wks (ill post those results soon) but we both felt it would be better to skip the fall show and go into a leanbulk right away and not wait so she can have the added time to build more muscle for the spring shows next year. - Brittany is now in a leanbulk phase and she loves to lift heavy so the gains will definitely be noticeable come spring 2018. Welcome again Brittany and Let's Chase These Dreams! #TeamUM #Underratedmuscle #npc #ifbb #fitfam #follow #like #fitspo #bikini #figure #fit #fitness #diet #cardio #bod #prep #bodybuilding #gains #athlete #grind #gains

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This is ๐Ÿ’ฏ% FACT! You are influencing more people then you think. - I receive a lot of emails/dms/texts every week. Everything from wanting info about joining the team to a complement about a post/athlete or the team in general (which always makes me happy =) to someone with a question or a asking for a lil advice. - The thing is a lot of the people that personally contact me I never seen on ig. I don't remember them liking or commenting on any posts but yet they say they have been following the team forever...I think that's awesome! - I remember a video I made about a year ago that didn't get a lot views it was about what to look for in a prep coach and I thought...wow that post sucked what a waste of time no one watched it. - Couple weeks later a lady contacted me about coaching and when we started talking she mentioned that very post and said her husband showed it to her and said here watch this you need to work with this guy and that was the reason she decided to join. - Pretty cool huh? So remember dont let likes,views, and comments be the deciding factor of what you post or if your posts have value or not. If it helps motivate or influence ONE person that makes all the difference not only in that person's world but ALL the people in that person's world as well and besides what real value does another booty pic with 50,000 likes have? ๐Ÿคฃ #TeamUM #Underratedmuscle #npc #ifbb #fitfam #follow #like #fitspo #bikini #figure #fit #fitness #diet #cardio #bodybuilding #gains #motivation #humpday #gamechanger #dreamchaser

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Hot Topic๐Ÿ”ฅOk so the Olympia was 3 days ago and as a prep coach ive had tons of people ask my thoughts,views and opinions about @philheath and his stomach being bloated. This pic isnt as bad as some have posted..yes his waist looks lil wide and washed out but know this isn't a post out of hate or jealousy but my views and opinions. - First off what I find interesting is all the hate and comments are towards Phil but yet no comments (that ive seen) are directed towards his prep coach @hanyrambod Is Hany NOT the guy that tells Phil what to eat and how to train? It's not Phils fault he was bloated! Take a step back and put yourself in Phils shoes. He does exactly what his coach tells him to do! Problem is these coaches never learn and still continue to think carb loading is the magic formula to winning shows! - Ive said it a million times carb loading does not end well 90% of the time! Why? Its common sense. What do you think will happen when you diet 12-16wks on restricted calories? Your stomach shrinks...now what do you think is going to happen when you add 5000-10,000 calories a day all of a sudden? Your body can only absorb so much so fast. Its like trying to fill a gallon water jug with 2 gallons of water its going to spill allover the place! Your stomach is like a water ballon its going to stretch! - Im sick and tired of seeing guys look great 2wks out from a show and look like crap on stage because of this. Why not keep everything the same? Flex Lewis imo looked a lil flat for prejudging but guess what ..no ones complaining about his gut are they so props to @neil_yoda_hill1 and @flex_lewis on another win! - Also why is no one taking about Phils shiny, exaggerated, suspect looking quad sweeps with no detail? I love when people say he added more quad sweep this year. Really? 10yrs training and NOW they get bigger? Umm your body doesnt just grow certain areas after 10yrs of hardcore training. - In closing these prep coaches need to be concerned about their athletes health more and not just notching another win in their belt so they look good and draw more clients. #Underratedmuscle #npc #ifbb #mrolympia #ifbbpro #philheath #olympia #prepcoach

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Team UMs Stacy @stacyfuj_ifbbpro Transformation from her Leanbulk as an Amateur to Ifbb Pro 16wks later. One point I'd like to make is how important being in condition is and how your weight means nothing. Common sense right? A lot of people are afraid they will look to small on stage if they drop a few more pounds when actually they wiil look BIGGER! What do you think the weight difference is between these two pics? Which pic do you thinks she look bigger? Comment below and ill answer later! ๐Ÿ‘Œ #TeamUM #Underratedmuscle #npc #ifbb #fitfam #follow #like #fitspo #bikini #figure #fit #fitness #diet #cardio #transform #fitchicks #transformationtuesday #1stphorm #neversettle #ifbbpro

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Transformation tuesday w/Team UMs Eliza @blondebarbelle This is the difference that a solid diet and training program can make. Coaches need to stop thinking smaller is better when it comes to Bikini....Bikini girls should have muscle and curves! She didnt even look happy on the left.๐Ÿคฃ 3wks later she went on to win her class at the Colorado Cup.๐Ÿ† #TeamUM #Underratedmuscle #npc #ifbb #fitfam #follow #like #fitspo #bikini #figure #fit #fitness #diet #cardio #fitchicks #transformationtuesday #transform #bodybuilding #gains #dreamchasers