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Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ Look who joined me for my workout this morning 😜 This will actually be the face of King Tut for Peyton’s school project 👨🏼‍💻 Anyway, I remember when Saturday used to be a total cheat day for me. Not anymore! I still get up early and get my workout in before we start the day. If you can still make yourself get up at least a little early and get it out of the way it really sets the tone for your whole weekend 👊🏻 I may be enjoying some drinks later, so I will make sure to eat healthy and stay hydrated throughout the day today 💦 #veganmomma #drinkup #happystpatricksday #greencocktail #saturdaymornings #workoutbuddies #4yearolds #preschoollife #busymomlife

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🔢☝🏻✌🏻 A wonderful number activity from @busytoddler gave my Grands and this old Mimi the best time this morning!🙌🏻 Little 2yo (aka Sanders😉) had the numbers 1 and 2 on his sheet and our 4yo had “1,2,3 and my number 4!” 😅 I used washi tape to hold the paper down and a sharpie to make dots on sticky dots from the grocery store!🔵🔴 I made the dots match the faces of dice and they loved counting the dots and then finding the number and putting it inside! 🔢 So many wonderful beginning skills today, including counting, one-to-one correspondence, numeral recognition, spatial skills, taking turns, and counting, counting, counting!☝🏻✌🏻 (I put a little video of this on my Instagram Story today!🙌🏻!) So grateful for all my instagram inspiration!🙏🏻 Thank you, always, Susie @busytoddler ...you’re my spirit animal!😍Hanging out in the company of children has never been more fun! 🎉😘 #busytoddler #earlychildhoodeducation #earlychildhood #earlymathskills #teachingmath #toddlerlife #toddlers #playisthebestteacher #preschool #preschoolers #preschoolteacher #teacherssupportteachers #2yearolds #3yearolds #4yearolds #mathactivity #toddlersctivities #toddlermathactivities #grandchildrenarethebest #grandchildren #mimilove #forthechildrenco

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I got cornered recently at a 4 year-old’s birthday party by a pack of tired Moms. . They were desperate to know how they could keep their preschoolers asleep in bed all night. Instead of climbing in Mom’s bed at 4 am... and sending Dad to the sofa. . Some of these Moms hadn’t had an uninterrupted night of sleep in 4 years. . After helping these Moms out, I went home and wrote an article on it. . Click the link in my bio to find out how you can keep your toddler in her bed all night.

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Heyyyy hey!! 🙋🏻Even though you don't see me everyday posting on IG I'm still workin' hard and on my journey!! Day 60/90 knocked out of the park today!! ✅😅💃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️If you'd like to follow our day to day Kipp fam life and how I make this healthy lifestyle work in the cracks, I'm sharing all the time on Snapchat and IG Stories!! Different content in both places. 👌🏻❤️☺️ Pursuing this health journey for nearly 4 years now is about more than just me! *It's about being a present and pleasant wife. *It's about modeling what healthy looks like for my 3 girlies that are going to grow up in a world with MANY false definitions of health. *It's about caring for this body God has given me. *It's about personal discipline and overcoming mental blocks. *It's about all of the beautiful women that are in this with me through countless support groups. *It's about being obsessed with living a life that's about waaaay more than just me and striving to be my best self definitely helps with that. It's not about six packs and booty dimples for me. (Although getting back into pre-baby clothes is a nice feeling of accomplishment! 😉) It's really about a LIFE INTENTIONALLY LIVED....and I've gotta be willing to show up in order to make that possible. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I have help from people on the journey with me everyday!! We'd love to help you too! And don't be afraid to take care of YOU too. It's the most selfless thing we can do!! Take care of us, so there is more of us to give. 💕

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Dusted off the old jacket and reminded myself what a dressage arena looks like! Couldn’t have asked any more from Sonic for his second time ever away from home, can’t wait to see what the year holds for us 🐴 Huge thanks to John, Stuart and Mark for getting us to this stage already and to Nicola for her top notch test reading! #supersonic #4yearolds #soniclovestheopera #howhighcanshego

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I said, “MirMir are you ready to box?” He said, “Yes!” I said, “Are you going to be undefeated?” He said, “No!” I said, “Do you know what undefeated means?” He said, “No!” #4yearolds 😂😂😂 #destinedforgreatness 🥊🥊🥊

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•FUNNY STORY• ~ First day training at a new gym, and I meet this spunky little 4 year old . I ask what her name is. She tells me Ugly. I tell her I know her mama didn’t name her that. After refusing to give me her real name, I just play along and introduce myself as Bertha.... Ugly and Bertha stay stubbornly insistent to the fake names for about 30 minutes. Then a parent comes in, and I told her, “Got you now!” I asked, and was then told, her name was *OAKLEY* - 😳🤭😮She got me!!! 🤣 - - - Southern accents are real ya’ll. 😂 Obviously little Oakley felt vindicated, we laughed a lot, and I now have a new buddy! ~ #ugly #oakley #bertha #rachael #namegames #misunderstood #shegotme #laughedsohard #ifeltridiculous #strong #southern #southernaccent #countrymusic #4yearolds #blah #kids #kidfriends #kidswholift #usaweightlifting #weightlifting #olympiclifting #cleanandjerk #lol #silly

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This week for #humpdayswithhenry, I thought I would post this pic of him with Lucy, our second daughter. I love it because they have a special bond, and also because this week she turned 11. He (“sorta”) likes it because he says she wants to be just like him one day, and she especially likes his hairy armpits. I guess those hairy armpits will get ‘em every time.

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Sienna's favourite twins turn 4 today! She can't wait to party with them on Saturday 🎉🎁 happy birthday dimi & Jorge 💙 thought I would throw 🔙 to July 2016 when you guys were only toddlers! 👶 #twinsturn4 #happybirthday #4yearolds

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🔴🌀Pom Pom fun! 🔵Thinking about how the simplest activities and extensions are the very best! ✳️ These little Grands have enjoyed these same dollar store pom poms for over a year!💜So the other day we extended their play by setting out a plastic ice tray and some tongs and plastic tweezers!⭕️🙌🏻 They played with this little activity for over 30 minutes!🌀Over and over! 😅They put them in the sections of the tray and carefully plucked them out!💪🏻 They were enjoying using both the tongs and the tweezers and sharing them back and forth!⭕️😍 This simple little activity strengthened both their pincer grasp and their hand eye coordination!💪🏻 My 4yo Grand has only recently begun having any interest in writing with markers or crayons and so this is great practice for his fine motor coordination and a lot more fun for him right now!!👏🏻☺️There was also wonderful conceptual language being used during this time! ✳️”Put one in every part!” 🌀”Now it’s full!” ⭕️”Now there are only big pom poms in each section!” 🔵 My husband and I took a little breather 😅while they played...just interacting and explaining and extending when needed!🙌🏻 ✳️ I’m so grateful for the easy and developmentally appropriate activities that give our littlest learners such joy and give the adults in their world a moment or two to reflect and recoup!😅😂😂💪🏻🌀🔴 #earlychildhoodeducation #earlychildhood #playisthebestteacher #playbasedlearning #playfullearning #finemotoractivities #pincergrasp #pincergrasppractice #pincergraspskills #conceptualskills #basicconcepts #easyactivityforkids #playmatters #toddlers #2yearolds #3yearolds #4yearolds #preschool #preschoolers #preschoolteacher #teacherssupportteachers #grandparents #grandparentsofinstagram #grandchildren #mimilove #forthechildrenco