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7 hours ago

Top 3 favourite chest exercises at the moment! • Flat dumbbell press: sets range between 5-8. Continued with a lower rep range from 5-10 • Bent over cable flies: 4-6 sets of controlled paused reps. Keeping the core tight keeping all the stress on the chest. • Incline bench press: 6-8 sets of lower reps higher weight. Usually done closer to the beginning of the workout!

8 hours ago

Do you want to live the world criticizing or contributing? The fact is change happens in our mental approach. Spending time critiquing and criticizing will waste your energy and hold you back from contributing to help others! Instead begin to think "how can I make it better"? Contribute to society in positive way! Help one another! Check out the joggers! Only from @goldenaestheticsofficial use code ALFITNESS to save! #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

2 days ago

If you want it bad enough you'll find a way to attain it! Even if it seems like an impossible journey. Obstacles are meant to be there. Take moments of hurt, pain and exhaustion and turn it into motivation for strength! It's much better to think about how much you could gain instead of dreading the feeling of pain. With out pain there is no gain! #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

6 days ago

My workout today consisted of supersetting these pulldowns with a pressing movement! Push/Pull days are an excellent way to really take your workouts next level! I did 5x10 flat bench supersetting with wide grip pulldowns with these attachments then 5x10 incline bench with the closer grip attachments! High volume with changing angles! Look for workout plans and my UNLIMITED CORE Ebook on my website. ALFITNESS21.com #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

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Guys happy to announce my posing seminar is Oct 7th at 7:00pm-9:00pm at the one and only gym @westca_ to reserve your spot you can go to the westca online website or find the link in my bio! (http://bit.ly/AlPosing) Come learn posing from an IFBB pro for classic physique! Mandatories as well as classic posing! Also @zoebrum will be helping out (she helps me with my posing) I'm very excited to help showcase what true body building is all about! 🙌🏼 #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

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If you are looking to trim your waist, and learn exercises that will help you with vacuum training and supplement get tips UNLIMITED CORE Ebook is now on my website! All of the exact progressions I do for each exercise and purpose behind them. This is the best workout plan/Ebook I have done! Get the best guide for an UNLIMITED CORE at alfitness21.com the link is in my bio! #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

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THE UNLIMITED CORE Ebook comes out tomorrow! Stay tuned to when it drops I will make a post and put the link in my bio! Turn notifications on! The Ebook comes with specific exercises and stretches I do to keep my waist tight. Including the purpose behind the exercise and progressions. It's the best plan I have so far! If you are interested or have questions about any other of my plans email me at alfitness21.com 🔥 📸:Follow my photographer @pazalex_ ◾️Ebook Sponsered by @Myoblox #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

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Some people are missing the power that the earth can provide. Sometimes the best energy is spent outdoors enjoying the environment around you! _ _ UNLIMITED CORE! THIS FRIDAY! My Ebook is coming soon. It will include * Stretches for vaccum and waist trimming * Core exercises and breakdown of why I do that exercise * Progressions that I follow to build strength and endurance * @myoblox Supplement tips (use code alfitness10) * Diet tips #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

3 weeks ago

The more people I meet the more I realize how differently I look at Body Building. I see it as a creation of art as far as the anatomy of muscles and flow of the entire physique. But also how the body moves and contracts during posing routines, creating emotion. We are sometimes missing the beauty because we are too fixated on "weak points" or negative comments about a physique. Instead of looking at the picture itself. _ There's so much ego in this sport. But to me there's nothing to prove besides being different & unique. People who have terrible egos are really because they are missing something themselves. #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial

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After every workout I run through alittle posing to help my self improve. I feel if you practice something enough you will master what ever you preach! Posing doesn't just help you visualize your physique but it helps you mentally, by helping your mind come closer to connecting with your muscles. MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION. Set up a camera next time you pose to help you hit the angles you need by correcting your stance etc... • • #goldenaestheticsofficial #goldenaesthetics #goldenera #yycfitfam #yycfitness #chest #posing #bodybuilding #teenbodybuilding #alfitness21 #gains #motivation

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I have made my back a priority! Lifting heavy for volume then dropping the weight and squeezing with slow negatives! With the heavy weight comes mobility. You may see me rolling my back on my snaps, it's been helping me greatly with activating my lats more when working out and posing! _ _ I'm excited to announce I'm starting one on one personal training/ posing out here in San Jose! I'm looking for dedicated individuals who are ready to take the next step in their fitness endeavors. I come from athletic background, including experience as a college athlete, as well as a strength and conditioning coach. Body building and posing are my passion. Posing is something that I believe in, if you don't have good posing you won't look good on stage! Period. I'm happy to say I am self taught for my posing. So I will give you ideas that are fresh and excited for you to step on stage feeling confident. If you are interested in one on ones or posing by an IFBB classic physique pro for your coming show contact me! Dm me for pricing and rates. Or email Alfizzzle21 @yahoo.com #ClassicPhysique #GoldenEra #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @goldenaestheticsofficial