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I LOVE my BABY COLLECTION clients! I enjoy documenting baby's 1st year milestone by offering sessions at maternity, newborn, 6-8 months ( sitting up stage) and 1 year- ( walking stage). It's a great way to remember special moments. ⠀with @teapea19#babysfirstyear #aikacardinphotography #babyphotography #babygirl #babyphoto #babywhisper #babyphotography #walnutcreekbabyphotographer #WalnutCreek #WalnutCreekPhotographer #EastbayBabyPhotographer #photostudio #Danville #SanRamon #Alamo #Lafayette #Pleasanton #Dublin #sanfrancisco #existinphotograph⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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Back to the studio this morning with the CUTEST little guy in town! Leo is 6 months 😍 and an absolute dream to photograph ❤️

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Incorporating activity into your everyday life can become slightly trickier with a baby in tow. Whether it's a Mum 'n Bubs yoga class, a walk to the park or mowing the lawn like the amazing @stphmcknz (respect, woman! 💪) at least access to the milk bar remains easy. Which is lucky, because this little guy looks hangry!!! : 📷  @stphmcknz : : : : : #mammojo #lactivewear #love #maternity #postpartum #postpartumfitness #breastfeedingfriendly #nursingfriendly #breastfeeding #activemum #activemom #fitmum #newmum #fitmom #motherhood #activewear #swimwear #babysfirstyear #newmom #mummyblogger #maternitywear #midwifery #babyshowergift #mumsandbubs #maternitystyle #normalizebreastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding

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The sleep journey for every parent is a rollercoaster in itself ! One of the biggest lessons of patience. I can never predict one night to the next. Read my blog post on mine and Darian’s sleep journey 😴 https://peanutsdreams.com/the-incessant-obsession-with-sleep/

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A mothers love inspires me in so many ways! A mother in front of my camera sets my heart ablaze and I can only hope that the photos I create bring them as much joy as they do me! ❤️

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Just having a sleepy Monday over here... Also, I would like to add that we finally have a baby who likes sleeping in her crib and reaches for it when it comes to naps and bed time. I never would have thought that was possible! I thought she would be sleeping in her baby swing until she was 18 (ok but not really). We’ve been sleep training for the past few weeks and it’s been so much better this time around! I think what’s different now is that Olivia was ready and she wasn’t before. I had tried it in the past but gave up because it was so miserable. I just wanted sleep more than a baby who slept in a crib. So for any moms out there that are sleep training and feel like it will never happen, it will! Everyone learns to sleep by them self in a bed or a crib eventually. I say don’t lose sleep over it. 😉 #sleeptraining

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No better time to start your Fairy Tale than a Monday!

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I made my first couple of batches of homemade baby food - a bunch of different fruit and veggie combos! It’s been pretty therapeutic and kinda addicting making these purées 👩🏻‍🍳🌈 Swipe left to see the different combinations Little Miss A’s been enjoying! 🍅🍌🥕🍏🍠🥑🍑🥝 . Baby Girl’s still nursing 4 times a day and has rice/oatmeal alongside these cubes for her 3 "meals". These 1oz. portion #mumiandbubi freezer trays I found are SO easy to use and the lids are perfect for keeping everything contained! . . #babyfood #babypuree #madewithlove #nutritious #healthyeating #healthybaby #fruits #vegetables #onthetable #nom #momlife #babygirl #simpleliving #babysfirstfood #yumyum #homemadebabyfood #babyfoodie #babysfirstyear #mommymoments #chasinglight #f52grams #wholefoods #feedfeed #babyfoodideas #morningslikethis #6monthsold #thatsdarling #livecolorfully #flashesofdelight

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This time two years ago, I was on one of the biggest journeys of my life, writing Creating Sweet Dreams. . This book has all of my heart in it and the advice that I give to families all the time to trouble shoot issues they may be having with sleep, nutrition and developmentsl cues through the first year. . There were times I wanted to quit, I'll admit, it was hard! But I'm so glad I didn't because of all tne positive feedback from parents, from finishing and seeing my family so proud of me, and from the good *vibes* of putting my work out there. . . Thank you for your support! Hope you all have a wonderful week. - Rachelle . Love you!

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Did you know you can purchase a Savor Keepsake box on Amazon? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "They look great on a shelf in my living room and I know that when my kids grow up they can take the with them and show all their little trinkets to their children and family." - Jeannie , a happy Amazon customer. . . . . . #keepsakebox #keepsakes #keepsakeboxes #memories #shophandmade #homedecor #handcrafted #organizationideas #inspiration #organize #organizer #organized #simplify #closetorganization #interiordesign #closetcleanup #declutter #theNEATlife #livesimply #howyouhome #simplystyleyourspace #organizer #thecontainerstore #motherhood #modern #momlife #babysfirstyear #grandmagift #valentinesgift

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Set of 12 watermelon cupcake toppers to add a special touch to your cupcakes! The “one” can be changed to any number, just leave a note in the comments box at checkout. Save $1.00 off each set of 12 during our 10% off ONE IN A MELON sale! Check back later as we share some yummy watermelon cupcakes that would go perfectly with these cupcake toppers! YAY! https://www.etsy.com/listing/578117487/one-in-a-melon-watermelon-party?ref=shop_home_active_2 . . . . #babyfirstbirthday #firstbirthday #babygirl #babybirthday #girlbirthday #cakesmashsession #1stbirthday #birthdayparty #baby #etsyseller #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #kidsbirthday #one #babylove #momlife #birthdaybash #partydecor #etsy #etsyshop #babyfriendly #decor #turningone #letthembelittle #babysfirstyear

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Kennst Du Meilensteinkarten für Dein Baby 👶🏼🌸? Damit kannst du wichtige Momente im ersten Jahr dokumentieren und dann für ein wunderschönes Babyalbum nutzen ❤️ ich habe für Dich diese #milestonecards in meinen #dawandashop gestellt 😀 schau doch mal vorbei ☺️ das erste #januarbaby dieses Jahr bekommt diese schönen Karten als liebe Geste zum #babyfotoshooting mit dazu! ❤️📷👶🏼 #babysteps #babymilestonecards #babymilestones #meilensteinkarten #monatskarten #meinbaby #baby2018 #aquarelle #handpainted #smallbizowner #dawandashop #mydesign #watercolorartist #handlettering #momtog #momblogger #momswithcameras #babysfirstyear

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That little smirk 😏💕

2 days ago

Welcome to the world, sweet Nealee. This baby girl was an angel for me today 💕

2 days ago

"If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard!" -Unknown 🌬❄️ How precious is this chunky smile!? LOVED taking a few shots in the snow with these cuties after surviving a 24-hour stomach bug. Worth chugging all the gatorade in the world!!

2 days ago

This poor little monkeys got a heavy case of thrush infection in his mouth. So, mama spent all afternoon crushing acidophilus pills (because of course I couldn’t find any in powder form) & now we’ve got to sterilize and clean all of Kaiden’s toys. Woohoo! Happy Sunday everyone 🌼

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"The perfect book to record my little boys firsts. I love that the layout is flexible and you can choose how much writing you want to add or how many pictures you want to include. Thank you :)" . . "Beautiful yet simple baby record book with a quality finish, Thanks! I'm really looking forward to completing it for my little girl" . . I love that I consistently get such amazing feedback on my Baby Record Books, you guys love them and it makes me so happy! ☺ I am looking forward to working on some new ideas this year and bringing you more ways to record precious memories of your little ones.

2 days ago

I have a question for y’all! If I started weekly vlogs of my week would y’all watch? Let me know in the comments! ❤️

2 days ago

Little baby feet are SO cute! Soon these feet will be walking and running all over the place! It's amazing to watch our children grow. My husband and I were just talking about how our oldest only has about 8 more years left at home. All I can think about is how fast the last 10 years have gone... As we struggle to hold onto these crazy, fun-filled, yet exhausting days at home with our children... let's TRY to soak in the good moments and just enjoy time with our family. These days and years fly by SO fast. Thankfully we have photos like these to look back on and remember their cute little feet and toes and baby chubs. 😍❤

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I try to make an effort to use my instax mini as much as I can and it's been so fun documenting my son's "firsts" and special moments in Polaroids

2 days ago

Little walk before the big blog launch 🚀 tick tock!!! Check back here @ 8 pm 🙈

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I would take changing a blowout in the mall every hour over a double ear infection and croup in both twins any day of the week. Add to it that Mom and I are both sick now too, and we are in the thick of it. Right now, thankfully, it is just colds, ear infections and croup as fever and flu can be very dangerous for preemies. I sit here wiping snot reminiscing on the good days of mall blowouts. This shows the level of low we have reached. | Nine months old @polhemustwins, the month of plague |

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[January 21st, 2018] . Rex William is #3monthsold 😳😩 . He is a smiley little ham, unless he’s tired or hungry. This month, he found BOTH of his hands! He is quite the little chatter box, and loves being talked to. . Rex Loves •Bathtime •Being talked to •Smiling •Car rides/ his car seat •Eating •His hands •Nakey time •His halo . Rex does not love •Being tired •Being hungry . He is in size 1 diapers(but switching to size 2 when we run out of 1s). Wearing 3 month (Carter’s are getting toooo small), 0-3 month, & some 3-6 month. 98% of the time, he sleeps through the night. Drinking 4-6 oz depending on the day. . Generally, he’s a pretty happy, easy going baby. He has done great in physical therapy, we go back again in a couple weeks. We are getting an appointment set up to see a helmet specialist. He does great when we go out, he loves his Tula baby carrier. Doesn’t mind loud noises, unless he’s at daycare of course 😂 . #rexwilliam #13weeksold #3months #babyr #babytiny #stopgrowing #babysfirstyear #rags #ragstoraches #tagyourrags #babystagram #babystats

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I photographed Lilly’s newborn portraits almost a year ago, and today I got to see her again for her birthday session! Those eyes 😍 join me in wishing this sweet girl a happy birthday!