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Top 5 Facts About Mei! 1. Mei’s real name is Mei Ling. It is inspired by the the Chinese word for “Beautiful” which is Mei Li. "Mei-Ling" is Mei's actual given name, not "Mei"; there is no middle name convention in traditional Chinese names. (The layout of 周美灵 in English is 'Zhou, Mei-Ling'.) One can imagine her saying, "Hi, I'm Mei-Ling, but you can just call me Mei!" 2. One of her sprays reveals her drone's name to be Snowball. 3. Mei's biological age, 31, does not include her time spent in cryostasis. Her chronological age is roughly 40. 4. From a development standpoint, Mei is more of a "normal" hero, designed to show that anyone can rise to be a hero. Michael Chu has joked that her 'superpower' is being optimistic in the face of overwhelming odds. 5. Mei's drone, Snowball, was inspired after the robot Weebo in the movie Flubber.