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I can't believe that my little girl is 4 months today. Oh, how the time is flying by! Like mummy she is a waternymph; not only has she been in black creek water, the suriname river and a blow up pool in our backgarden "Courtyard Lemongrass" but now she has also travelled to Aruba where she went into the swimming pool, the most gorgeous turquoise sea water and a daily jacuzzi bath with mummy - her first ever vacation with her family at 3 and a half months! I think she definitely enjoyed qt with her mummy in our daily bath ritual the most as well as the sea because who can not fall in love with that colour, feeling, smell and sound... She has also hit new milestones. She used to be able to roll in only one direction but now she is able to roll in both directions! Her focus and sight have prospered because she is much more aware of her surroundings, the colours, the details and the familiarities of the faces whom surround her. She has gotten to spend much more time with my family in law and they are all so wonderful to her. She is an easy baby, her vocals are insane but she doesn't actually ever really complain or cry unless she is extremely tired. Her babytalk has flourished and she said her first words on our last day in Aruba which brought tears of joy to my eyes: "maa maa mommmaa ma mmmmm...." She is super strong - she lifts herselp up with her arms like the cobra position in yoga and is always doing crunches. Before we know it she will be crawling! 😰 I feel like she is a supergirl, my little genius and I love to see every new development but I have to admit a part of me thinks "slow down baby, slow down!" . . . . . . #babygirl #mydaughter #proudmummy #proudparents #newmummy #mommylife #littlegenius #infant #4monthsold #4monthsoldstoday #playful #baby #kids #babiesofig #babiesofinstagram #kidsofinstagram #milestones #potd #photooftheday #supergirl #azarealzayella #cute #cutie #beauty #lovedbysomany #blueeyes #mixedbabies #mixedbabiesig #igphotography #photography