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Life in Miami Beach is the best life😍 I'm currently Still in Washington and feeling a bit homesick which is a feeling I've never really felt.👇🏾 - I grew up in the same small town my entire life. I spent the majority of my life unhappy with my surroundings. For SO long I dreamed about moving away and living by the ocean. - When I finally "woke up" and learned about the law of attraction (amongst other things) I immediately began manifesting the life of my dreams. - I visualized, made dream boards, and wrote down how "grateful I was to live by the ocean" everyday, as if it had already happened. I put a plan into place, took action and I made it happen. I had complete certainty that I was going to make this dream happen. - Make a plan, write it down, take action, work on it every day, visualize it as if you already have it and you will achieve anything you set your mind to. Miami Beach has completely stolen my heart and for the first time I finally feel like I'm right where I belong 💙🌴☀️ #homesick #betheresoon #gottagetmybootybackonthislevel #cutstartsverysoon #staytuned