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Denim Keffiyeh Clutch. ✨✨

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João Guilherme: a Joãoguinaticas: iti malia coisa mais linda da minha vida,te amo

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Thats so painful to look at 😖can you try this??. . . . . .

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Ease the soul to ease the mind

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@fentybeauty Pro Filt'r Foundation🎀 I really love how this foundation is full coverage and does not feel so heavy on the skin. It feels like velvet!😍 My only concerns would be is that it oxidizes...ends up making my face looking dull and lifeless. Also, it can get dry and patchy around some areas of the face.😣 Let me know what you guys think of this foundation 👇

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遠出したいよ〜 ディズニー行きたいよ〜 ツアー行きたいよ〜 . .

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Нет ничего постоянного, всё может изменится в любую секунду 💋

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My dog 😎

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Сейчас бы на закат ,а не вот это все 🤢 #thailand

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Sicilian Cat!! Love lemons 🍋🍋!!

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Athens, Greece. 🇬🇷💂🏽‍♀️

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LaCasa"De"Papel 😂😂

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Come non puoi innamorati con certi sguardi... 😍