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De Nîmes By Je Suis . . . Through the years, the meaning of denim has changed from a fabric that represented the working class to an American staple. Denim in this collection is used as a metaphor for people of color. It has been distressed, ripped, and abuse through the years, but still remains relevant and always in style. . . . mu·se·um myo͞oˈzēəm/Submit noun a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited. . . #jesuisnyc #denimes #denim #nyfw #mmjs #melanin #mmjs17 #denimcollection

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The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. They are Polynesian and make up 15 percent of the country's population. Te Reo Maori is their native language which is related to Tahitian and Hawaiian. It is believed that the Maori migrated to New Zealand from elsewhere in Polynesia around the 9th century to 13th century AD. Dutch navigator Abel Tasman was the first European to encounter the Maori. Four members of his crew were killed in a bloody encounter in 1642. In 1769 British explorer James Cook established friendly relations with some Maori. By 1800, visits by European ships to New Zealand became frequent which inflicted a heavy death toll by disease on Maori. These wars were initially fought between British troops and Māori warriors followed by a New Zealand government military force, including local militia, rifle volunteer groups, and Forest Rangers. After these wars and the death toll due to disease, the Maori population dropped to a low 100,000 persons or thereabouts. In 1840 representatives of Britain and Maori chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi. This treaty established British rule of New Zealand and granted the Maori, British citizenship, while also recognising Maori land rights. Today, some of the treaty's provisions are used in disputes over confiscated land that took place resulting in return of land and/or a financial payout. The present Maori population is around 600,000 and they live in all parts of New Zealand, but predominately in the North Island where a warmer climate prevails. ******************************************************* #polynesian #native #philippines #hawaiian #asian #mexican #mexika #micronesia #newzeland #nativeamerican #filipino #tagalog #thai #lakota #diné #navajo #photography #naturephotography #decolonize #indigenous #starbucks #maori #hawaii #taino #japan #melanin #nodapl #cambodian #india #australia

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*cues earth 🌏 wind 💨 & fire 🔥 * “do you remember the 21st of september...” the superstar @amiraavee was born. happy birthday beautiful. I am so blessed to call you one of my best friends as we blaze through this movie we call life. thank you for always being there for me, encouraging me, & telling me how amazing I am every time I forget it. You inspire me everyday with your fearless attitude/determination, confidence, fire style, your walk with God, & your daily efforts to make your words a reality not to mention the opportunity to use you as my muse. Cheers 🥂 to the next Naomi Campbell in the making. 🚀