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Great advice via @altucher I would add, do it after each chapter.

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It's hard to believe everything you read when it comes to health and nutrition, and Facebook is no exception! According to the annual What's Trending in Nutrition survey of registered dieticians, 70% believe that Facebook is the number 1 source of nutrition misinformation. Here are some of the biggest pieces of information spread on social media that are FALSE: 1. Avoid eating bananas because they cause weight gain 2. Beef is bad 3. Only eat organic 4. If you can't pronounce something on the ingredient list, don't eat it 5. Do not eat egg yolks

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Soul X Pace Athletic! Two local like minded businesses partnering together to help Mosman’s fittest athletes 😀👊🏻🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ As a member of Soul you receive 10% off your purchase in store @paceathletic

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Motivation Monday: Today we have a touching and inspiring story of how Kristin used the #52HikeChallenge to heal through her cancer diagnosis. Life is too short, get out and enjoy the gratitude, peace and beauty nature provides. 🙏🏼 My name is Kristin, I found the 52 hike challenge a couple years ago when I had just finished going through a cancer diagnosis. Hiking is the way i dealt with my diagnosis. It was definitely my stress relief and my way to get my negative emotions out while dealing with all the unknowns. Hiking is when I was able to get all my frustration, sadness, and fear out and focus on the positives and get through what I needed to in order to live. Hiking got me through the hardest months of my life, and now I hike every chance I get. I constantly remind myself of how lucky I am to live in Oregon where I have hundreds and hundreds of trails within 40 minutes or less of my house. How grateful I am to be alive, and cancer free. - @kveerman88

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I've had the question floating around my mind the last several days of "what does simplicity look like for my family?". Because Simplicity is a word for 2018 as well as a promise for our time in North Carolina, I've been really wanting to focus on what it means for me. I'm sure there's plenty of books, websites, programs, groups etc. but I decided to just navigate it with Holy Spirit. Today He helped me come up with several questions that are really helping me see how my family can practically work towards simplicity. I figured these questions could possibly be a helpful guide for you as well, so here they are: . . 1. Where does my time and energy currently go? 2. What are the top things I want my time and energy to go towards? 3. What things can change? 4. What things can't change? 5. Are there ways to make easier/less strenuous?

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Getting my greens in on my birthday with this avocado frosting! Thank you @dephoto.ca for making these for me! 🥑🥑 . I may have eaten four of these in one sitting... but the avocado makes them healthy- right?! 😂😂 . Try this frosting on your favourite cake! It’s super delicious: . About 2 small to medium, very ripe avocados 2 tsp lemon juice 1 lb (455g) powdered sugar, sifted (use more for a thicker frosting) 1/2 tsp vanilla . . Peel and pit the avocados. Place the avocado meat into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment along with the lemon juice and beat until lightened in color and very well mashed, approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Be sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl from time to time. Sift in the powdered sugar a little at a time and beat until smooth. Add the vanilla and mix to combine. If not using right away, store in the refrigerator. . Enjoy friends!! Try and eat just one... . Recipe by @whiskkid

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I think there is no word such as failure because when other people say it's a failure I say it was a learning opportunity it's all about your mindset 👍

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Bazen ruhum siyahın en koyusundan çıkmak istemiyor.⬛️⚫️◼️▪️🏴 🙌🏻👉💪👈🤞🏻✌️Good, better, best. The care of the rest. Good, while better than good, while aiming to be the best. #beastmode #motivation #fitfam #workout #gym #bodybuilding #fitness #münchen #flex #beast #shredded #aesthetics #ripped #gains #muscles #training #nutrition #squats #selfie #train #abs #dedication #muscle #npc #healthy #fitnessaddict #active #trainhard #inspiration #loveit

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MN Varnishes 🎨