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What is that which you love to do that makes you forget to eat, lights you up like a Christmas tree, chuns your belly in excitement, and even hold back your poo? When I was age 15 to 21, anytime I picked up a book and there was food on the fire, it was sure to get burnt. Then I also developed a strong love for watching horror movies. But had to give that up cos my imagination was and is still too vivid. I ended up dreaming vampires and werewolves were chasing me or I was a vampire slayer😒. Anything I watched, I'd dream about it for days. Almost got my mind twisted😈. Thank God for the word of God. Now I just avoid it. Finding your #passion and #purpose may take you through many roads of #selfdiscovery. Sometimes a step by step plan doesn't cut through or help you find yourself. Enjoy the #process of unveiling each phase of you. You'll have great memories and things to grin, tingle, smile, laugh, and cry about. Its all part of the process.... #FindingYou #NdidiAzaah

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"Trust Your Coach" "Trust The Process" ----WELL MAYBE. Within the last year or so, I have heard and have seen some of the most scariest diets and workout plans circulating around social media for competing. There has been a bandwagon of wannabe coaches out there to make a quick buck. Many competitors are getting sick along with disordered eating. Attached (swipe) are some of those diets/workout plans that I have gotten ahold of. I have more but only sharing a few. I, honestly cringe that some people actually PAY crazy amounts of money for these plans. (YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY)💰 Social Media has played a significant role to help motivate folks from couch to fitness. This I praise. However, not everyone is qualified to provide healthy diet/workout plans. "The right coach for you?" Here are some tips when looking: PLEASE do your research. Educate yourself first and foremost. (the more YOU know the better). Ask questions, before a hire and during - a lot of questions. Never feel bad that you are asking questions. ASK! Ask for ANY certifications. Ask for references - call them. Ask for a sample meal plan. If you need to count anything such as five asparagus , six almonds, or omit sodium, fat burners- don't hire them. Lastly, ask yourself - what is the true reason you wish compete- "what is your why?" Competing isn't for everyone, and this is okay. The hype of "The Gram" and parts of social media will faze out one day. However, you only have one body to live in. Protect it, take care of it, and choose wisely who you want work with. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Stay healthy my friends. 🙌 😘 . . . #mealprep #mealplan #meal #coach #coaching #diet #instagood #competitor #bikini #socialmedia #hype #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #dietplan #warning #healthychoices #bodybuilding #bodypositive #bodybuildinglife #process #cheatmeal

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Daydreaming of holidays and calm and moments of rest ☁️☁️☁️ repost by @lucia__creates

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The moment you realize you missed. Brenda kept at it, learning from each attempt. She was able to focus on what she needed to fix and eventually made the lift and went on to PR • Not much better than watching someone succeed

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Вот мой одинокий фонарь стоит. А я опять думаю зачем же я всегда плету каким-то альтернативно-одарённым способом. А потом вспоминаю, что именно так мне плести и нравится и успокаиваюсь. Зато пока плела придумала всё-таки способ сделать большую ровную клетку и никого не убить при этом. Покажу вам завтра эту совершенно новогоднюю штуку уже готовой. #процесс #рабочийстол #плетение #плетениеизбумаги #бумажнаялоза #wicker #process #oneeka_process #basketry #basketryart #синий #skyblue