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😂😂😈😤 come get my got damn tape!! Lol

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For all of you KumDumpster fans that love to say “Nicki stole Kim’s whole imagine”, “She’s not original” you hear it for yourself that Debra did an Interview with VLADTV in 2014 stating that @bigfendi was the one who was behind trying to make Nicki Minaj into another version on Kim. And meanwhile while she’s getting backlashed for supposedly “stealing” Kim Image he was with her when everyone was comparing her to Kim. And he knew exactly what he was doing when he did that because he had an crazy obsession over Kim and now he’s working with Kim. It’s so funny how his ugly Infested HIV BED BUG having ass didn’t tell Kim that yet. And Kim got mad with Nicki thinking she wanted to be like you like no bitch Nicki don’t wanna be like you, you don’t even wanna be yourself. And also, @loustar718 confirmed that FENDI UGLY ASS came up with that Idea with the whole Kim shit. It always been FOXY!! If you listen to lean back Nicki she sounds just like Foxy. I thought that was Foxy she sound just like her. Nicki was always inspired and influenced by Ms @foxybrown. And watch you dumb bitches still gonna say otherwise when the proof is in the video and the receipt. Nobody wants to be like Kim asian botched face ass! #nickimimaj #teammimaj #teamnicki #onikaminaj #onikamaraj #beyonce #barbz #kendoll #navy #careerdone #iamflopalwayswillbe #cardib #lilkim #femalerapper #queenofrap #foxybrown #iamnotaqueen #fraudasshoe #remyma #drake #ovo #ovofest #6god #theweeknd #arianagrande #iggyazalea #kendricklamar #power1051

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Yall gotta say it 😂😂 NY girls, we might be crazy but we entertain people and make people laugh

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Skinny key cracked the fuck outta big kiy😂😂😂