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Evening all have been out an about this week as have new set of wheels. Have completed several repairs am still have one on the bench to be done. We are now moving to those darker dismal days as summer packs it's bags for another year an Christmas on the not so distant horizon... Today is 20th September 2017 it makes me wonder what was happening back in the past on this very day🤔🤔🤔 So D.Y.K On this very day September 20th 1954 The First Ever FORTRAN Program Ran ?? Yep 63 years ago The first FORTRAN program was executed. FORTRAN was developed by IBM scientists who were looking for a better way to program the IBM 704 mainframe computer. It quickly became the dominant programming language for scientific and engineering applications and still is used today, especially in the area of high-performance computing. Its also Amazing to know that September 20th 1983 The RSA Algorithm Patent Was Awarded, The RSA algorithm, one of the world's most widely-used encryption methods, had been developed in 1977. Scientific American columnist Martin Gardner wrote a description of the algorithm in his "Mathematical Games" column, mentioning that readers could send a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive a copy of the MIT technical memorandum describing it. More than three thousand people sent envelopes, though they did not receive their copies of the papers until after the patent was issued six years later due to members of the National Security Agency raising questions about the legality of making the information available. It's truly amazing what I can tell you lol 😃 Join me tomorrow for more News, Trivia, or just to grab me to sort a repair or upgrade. 🤳👀👀👀 www.facebook.com/TerrierByteIT 👋👋 #TerrierByteIT #Wifeidge #computerhistory #instatech #bocahistory #engineering #thisdayinhistory #oldtech #historyoftechnology #internethistory #computinghistory #innovation #oldcomputer #oldschool #retrocomputing #nerd #trivia #retrotech #informationtechnology #technologyhistory #techhistory #tech #geek #retro #history #computer #computerhistorymuseum #technology