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I have seen such a lot on instagram celebrating #autumn this week. And I agree. It is a beautiful #season. It is a time of reaping what you sowed in the year gone by. But more than that, it is a time of #reflection. Of planning for the year ahead, seeing what to trim back and what to plant and nurture. It is a time for preparing before the sun and earth slows to rest and rebuilds over #winter ready for the hope and newness and wonder brought by #spring. I am thankful for this #autumn, for looking ahead with excited anticipation to what 2018 may bring. To planning and preparing for that with @benvealwrites. #worship @westwiltsvineyard #gratitude #seasonsoflife #thankyougod

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REPOST @hands_om_healing 💁🙏 'There's a lot of talk about #juicecleanse and the benefits of them. #coldpressed is a far better option to retain #nutrients and #enzymes and to give the #digestivesystem a rest. Thanks to #calipress for making the process a lot easier. There's is a lot of bonus going through these guys. The first bonus is glass bottles, I've noticed other companies using plastic. The other thing to take note, if you return your 6 glass bottle and insulated carry bag, you get a #free 350ml #juice So, if you're on a 5 day #cleanse like me, that's another 5 free juices. #calipressjuice offer 3 types of cleanses. I chose #thebigeasy. Welcome to #spring everyone!' || #welovethesereviews #springcleansing

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