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When you feel so tired but you can't sleep... Stuck in reverse ❤ I really haven't been sleeping well lately. Only the best concealer helps covering that. I have been falling in love with the nars blush in Deepthroat and their lipstick Their concealer also seals the deal. It lives up to its reputation and really makes imperfections disappear.

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Sinto o efeito do afeto 🎶

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Pound Cake

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Amor da minha vida

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tons de crepúsculo 💛

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Man's now hot

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È inutile che tu mi dica scappa perché il destino segue la mia mappa.✈

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«When I say, “I miss you”, I really do mean it. I’m not the type of person to only say those 3 words when I need something from you. If I tell you that I miss you, it means that you mean a lot to me. Not only does it mean that you have positively impacted my life, but it also means that I want you to stay. I know people come and go, and that’s life, but I’m going to be honest, I want you to stay in my life.» - TAG SOMEONE YOU MISS

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Pra quem valoriza uma bijou linda! Com cara de jóia! (Anel e pulseira são semi jóias) . . 🔹 Um jeito novo de comprar com confiança e sem sair de casa 🏠 -------------------- Horário de atendimento 🕛 Seg a Sex (08:00 as 19:30) Sábado (08:00 as 13:00) -------------------- ⚠Trabalhamos apenas com venda a domicílio e on-line 📅 Agende uma visita para conhecer nossas peças ou chama no whats 📳 whatsapp (48) 99649-3325 -------------------- FORMA DE PAGAMENTO A vista ou em até 3x sem acréscimo* no cartão 💳 .

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•I'm in love with it  Intoxicated  I'm enraptured  From the inside I can feel that you want to  Wake up high on it  Feel it suspending  I'm enamored  Way up in the sky I can see that you want to•🎶🙂 __ #milano 🇮🇹🌍 __ #TagsForLikesApp #followshoutoutlikecomment #TagsForLikesFSLC #follow #shoutout #followme #followback #shoutoutback #likeback #commentback #love #instagood #photooftheday #pleasefollow #pleaseshoutout #pleaselike #pleasecomment #teamfslcback #fslcback #follows #shoutouts #likes #comments #fslcalways

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“Big goals are important. You should always have a clear vision of where you would ultimately like to be. But be sure to set yourself a number of smaller goals along the way. Accomplishment drives ambition. The dream might be the destination, but the little triumphs will get you there.”

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