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It’s 1:03 am y’all

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🍀🍀Tribe Vibes ✌🏼🍀🍀

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😁😭☠Todays Wollongong Standard Distance was a bag of mixed emotions and results🏊🚴🏃🌞🔥 . ➡3rd time doing this race; and was my first ever standard 3 years ago.. Being local I ❤ racing here👌 . ➡Non-wetsuit swim😔But pulled out 1.50/100 which even 2 years ago I couldnt do with a wettie on🙌 . ➡The bike🚵🚵My beloved Bike😍😍Smashed it🔝🔝Highest ever average speed on not a flat course😛Felt good and held it well💪I kept knocking my watch so didnt read the full ride; but results say average 35km👍💣 . ➡😭😭Then my forever suffering run🏃🏃I felt great getting off the bike and was ready to give the run 100%...😲when 1.5kms in EE officials told me I had cut the run course😠😠😠if I didnt want a DNF i needed to turn around🔃🔄You can imagine turning around and seeing all the work you had done on the bike slip away❌❎❌I remember where I cut the course🙊I followed about 6 guys across the road and even wondered why we where doing it??? IDIOT! Never follow men😤😢😭😭😭also it was a new run course to previous years due to construction work in the gong🛠🏁 . ➡Learnt my lesson📚worked on mental strength💡raced in my home town👌What more could a girl want🤗🤗🤗

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🍀🍀St. Patty’s 2018 🍀🍀

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Happy St. Patty’s 🍀💚

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Late but not really hah happy Saint Patrick's day ☘🍀☘ #late #lateedit #saintpatricksday #green #asmr #mukbangasmr #mukbangvideo #mukbang #crunchyasmr #yass #queen #youtubeasmr #asmreating #eatingsounds #chewingsounds ***also I'm so counting down the days and can't wait until May, like I'm so done with college and can't wait to get my certificate 🙏🏼 I want to close this chapter of my life. : : : ~ if you like soft chewing sounds, subscribe to her channel by clicking the link in my bio ☝🏼️ : : : : ~follow her on Instagram @thecrunchyasmr : : : ~follow me for more edits

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Driving back from Forbes the dusty wind-storm on the horizon didn’t bode well for the flowers.. and sure enough quite a few are damaged. Will be looking into different supports for next season. Luckily I was able to cut enough to make my order for tomorrow, but only just! #fratturoflowerfarm #damnwind #winddamage

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8 seconds is a long time to ride a bull but not a long time to finish a drink #yass #pbr

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Teri chicken, slathered in a sriracha drizzle! Yes!!! Or is it #yass ? Either way, it's #YUM ! . Heather's marinated teriyaki style chicken, served with her very own scratch tuna mac salad and cilantro rice! So So Good!!!