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#Aditi has a tough decision to make. After finding out that she is pregnant, she's wondering if she should keep her child or not! Don't miss #LiesOfTheHeart tonight at 21:00CAT on #ZeeWorld

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#Godess #Aditi #Mother #LordRama #Vedas #Devamata #Hindu #Astrology #Akasa #Masculine #Feminine #Brahma #MerKaBa #Punarvasu #Nakshatra 🍃 Aditi, ( Sanskrit: “The Boundless”) in the Vedic phase of Hindu mythology, the personification of the infinite and mother of a group of celestial deities, the Adityas. As a primeval goddess, she is referred to as the mother of many gods, including Vishnu in his dwarf incarnation and, in a later reappearance, Krishna. She supports the sky, sustains all existence, and nourishes the earth. It is in the latter sense that she is often represented as a cow. Her sons, the Adityas, are of uncertain number and identity. Varuna is their chief, and they are called like him “upholders of divine order (rita).” One hymn names them as Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Daksha, Bhaga, and Amsha. Sometimes Daksha is excluded and Indra, Savitri (the sun), and Dhatri are added. Occasionally the term is extended to include all the gods. In later periods their number is increased to 12, and they are linked to the 12 solar months of the year. Aditya in the singular form is a name of the sun.