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4 hours ago

My first attempt at a G rated kid friendly #elfontheshelf for a friend's kids - no sexual references or hedonistic tilts - just putting him to work with some good ol fashioned #ikea assembly which was what I was working on all evening helping out. One of the kids was asking me all about the the supply chain and logistics of #Santa and his producing of presents and potentially touching on the humane principles of an elf working every single day of the year:p But yeah, I managed to do this stool and two book cases with the help of an #allenkey and this elf :p #elfontheshelfideas

2 weeks ago

Allen key peregrine falcon

a month ago

Found this little gem in my local tool shop today by @wihaofficial , they only had 3 left and I was tempted to buy all 3 as they were only £30 including the dreaded VAT!! What an absolute bargain for such high quality hand tools, I already own everything in this set anyway but at that price I just couldn’t say no, especially as I paid £25 for the set of Allen keys on their own! #bosch #wiha #screwdriver #pincer #stubby #stubbyscrewdriver #allenkey #allenkeys #handtool handtools #carpenter #carpentry #carpenterstools #carpentrytools #joiner #joinery #joinerstools #joinerytools

a month ago

My new favorite tool set. The "WISE Peirce ball" only available through amazon japan. Thinking about importing these medium quality tools into Australia. What would you pay to get to those hard to reach allen key heads?

a month ago

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