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4 days ago

Sunset over Bryce Canyon this evening 🙌 No words to describe the beauty of this place.

a week ago

This is a picture I created in Photoshop blending two images together, Utah’s west desert, and the wild horses that inhibit the landscape. When I look at the picture it brings to mind the thought that everyone gets tired and needs to be recharged. Man and beast. The horses when I took the picture I could tell had been ridden hard and were wore out. When I took the picture of Utah’s west desert it was so quiet and peaceful you could have heard a pin drop. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, jobs, family and the incredible loud noise of the world around us, we can all use a mental break. If only there was a switch in our minds we could turn on and off. Photography is mine…. . . . #farrierwithacamera #westernphotography #horsephotography #equinesofinstagram #equinephotographer #westdesert #equestrian #utah #amazingutah #americanwest

a month ago

One of the fun parts of vacation is supporting small businesses and making our tourism dollars count. The guy at Moab Garage Co, where I had this incredible cake batter ice cream with active charcoal is from Vancouver WA and a WSU alumn. We stopped to fill our thermoses each morn at Moab Roasters and to grab sandwiches and snacks at Moonflower Coop for a long day of hikes. Much ❤️ for small businesses and Moab. #moab #smallbusinesslove #coffeeroasters #moonflowercoop #moabgarageco . . . . . #supportsmallbusiness #vacationeats #amazingutah