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A #Tribute to my Beautiful, Determined, Resilient #Amiga! As I sit and write to my girl {about my girl}….I contemplated depth or surface? Depth or Surface? But I’m going to hit send, just as Julie would …and never look back. Because that was the woman this Angel truly was, to me. She fought this battle! Like no one I had ever seen. She was so positive and determined not to surrender to this horrible disease. She may have had the cancer, but the cancer NEVER had her spirit. She was at peace with where life was going to lead her…and that was something that I just could not wrapped my head around. But she did. All I can say to her family is that I send my deepest condolences to you all. She is the women who inspired me to kick start a mission for #teamfrijolitos to effectively raise money for breast cancer. Because of her spirit, in 2014, she gave me hope that every little bit of money raised, would helped one more woman survive this disease. We had a mission to be a part of the women past, present and future victims of #breastcancer ! I’m mad! I’m upset! But I just hear her voice, her warm smile and gentle demeanor; my Amiga would come up to the van and say, "I came for the Frijolito's!" And, it was these simple words that made such an impact. She didn’t deserve that pain she endured! She was an ANGEL, on a mission. She may be gone, but her words, life, and smile, will live on! I LOVE YOU JULIE! I will never forget you and your passion for life! I’ll see you and your determined smile in my dreams girlfriend. You have forever…..touched my heart. _______________________ #Repost from @cupcakedd --- Frijolitos, Baby!!! #frijolitos #breastcancerawareness #luvthatwoman https://www.gofundme.com/john-and-jeres-travel-fund