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Application season has got me dreaming of days like this. Chances of drawing a great tag are slim but there are still chances. It's nice to have the @epic_hunts magazine as a reference guide. If you are applying for multiple states then something like this is a must. And why not get your info from the best in the business. @ridgereaper03 @bronsonoutfitting @keeptrackin @chrispetersen_epic @jp_epicoutdoors #hunting #westernhunting #muledeer #elk #archery #archeryhunting #epicoutdoors #ridgereapercamo #uahunt #hoytbowhunting

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Primer CPN 2018 (by Fechta)

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22.2.18 💪🏼 ** Considering I have been doing archery now an overwhelming 20 years, it comes as no shock that my shoulders are quite developed. Not to mention I was raised in all boy family which meant there was a lot of rumble and tumble. Yet another flaw I see is the size of my arms; I’ve always had very thin arms with no curve or weight to them. However that has evidently changed and for the first time, I chose to pay attention and take my progress in. Then I learnt to love it. Naturally all archers have bulky shoulders and I have no desire to pass it off so they trim down. Pass me the wider tshirts fella! #gym #gymmotivation #gymtime #gym💪 #gymselfie #exercise #exercisemakesmehappy #shoulderworkout #shoulderday #fabletics #fableticseu #addidas #addidaswomen #personaljourney #personaltrainer #personaltraining #archery #archeryshoulders #archerylife🎯

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Bugünkü "Senior" okçular antrenmanımızdan. Ayrıca öncesinde ziyaretimize gelen Besyo öğrencilerimizle de tanışıp bilgi verdik. From today's Senior archers trainining. Also we meet some of our university students and gave info about archery. #archery #cukurovaüniversitesi

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Ржавые #лучники во главе с прекрасным сержантом Аней Клоном на ржавых ркбежах. Кстати, ежегодный #лучныйтурнир посвященный Международному женскому дню будет проводиться 18 марта на базе ПМК “Нева”. Ждём всех участников. #ржавыерубежи #ржавыйлегион #archery #medievalbattle #лучник

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2 clips from last spring, same hunt. It took me a while to get these birds off of the ridge, but around 10:30 I finally had them at 20 yards. Only reason why I didn’t take the shot was the fence that stood between us. It was painful to watch these guys walk away, but it was an awesome encounter. Self-filming with a bow, and without a blind is by far the most challenging goal I’ve come across, but I’m looking to fulfill it this spring.

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My daughter shot 🏹 at the #Meijer #Winter #StateGamesofMichigan this past weekend. First place eluded her by just 1 point. She actually tied for first, but the 1st place archer edged out in 10s. Lesson learned that every point counts in Archery! But she wasn’t disappointed; she felt really good about her performance and she had fun. And that is the only thing that’s important when competing in the sport that you love. 💙 #archery #recurvebow #indoorarchery #tournament #risingphoenixarchery

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Happy Birthday to BTO member @jkaiser007! Looking forward to laying down a more strutters this spring!